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Title: Asymmetric Willingness-to-Pay Distributions for Livestock Manure
Authors: Norwood, F. Bailey
Luter, Ryan L.
Massey, Raymond E.
Keywords: animal waste
asymmetric distribution
contingent valuation
nonmarket valuation
willingness to pay
Issue Date: 2005-12
Abstract: The Environmental Protection Agency's new Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) regulations are forcing some farms to export livestock manure to off-farm acres. The regulation compliance cost depends on the willingness of neighboring crop producers to accept or pay for the manure. This study estimates a manure willingness-to-pay distribution for crop producers using a contingent valuation mail survey. A flexible parametric distribution is borrowed from the crop yield literature, which shows that manure willingness to pay is left-skewed. Most crop producers in our sample will pay a positive price close to the savings in commercial fertilizer, but approximately 25% require a payment before accepting manure.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 30, Number 03, December 2005
Total Pages: 18
Language: English
From Page: 431
To Page: 448
Collections:Volume 30, Number 03, December 2005

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