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Authors: Bhattacharyya, Arunava
Harris, Thomas R.
Narayanan, Rangesan
Raffiee, Kambiz
Issue Date: 1995-12
Abstract: Technical efficiency of rural water utilities is determined using frontier production functions. An indirect production function is developed to model the two-step production process of a local government-controlled firm. Data from 26 rural Nevada water utilities are used to estimate inefficiency in terms of firm-specific variables. A multistep estimation procedure is used instead of single-step maximum likelihood estimation. Model selection tests are used to choose the best model. Privately owned utilities are most efficient; self-governing water districts are the least efficient. Municipal governments operate the most and least efficient utilities.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 20, Number 02, December 1995
Total Pages: 19
Language: English
From Page: 373
To Page: 391
Collections:Volume 20, Number 02, December 1995

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