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Title: An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Firms Assisted By the Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Products Center
Authors: Ulmer, Ann
Holcomb, Rodney B.
Woods, Michael D.
Willoughby, Charles V.
Tilley, Daniel S.
Issue Date: 2005-11
Abstract: The evolution of value-added centers at land-grant universities, along with the recent development of numerous Ag Innovation Centers, has been viewed as a sign of a shifting emphasis to value-added agriculture research and technical assistance efforts. The entities that fund these centers, be they state or federal government, have a vested interest in the economic impacts of these centers. However, evaluating the efforts of a public good is not always an easy task. An economic-impact study of the Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Products Center (FAPC) was conducted to assess the total economic impacts of the firms assisted by the FAPC on Oklahoma's economy. A telephone survey was used to collect the necessary data and IMPLAN was used to estimate direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 36, Number 03, November 2005
Total Pages: 9
Language: English
From Page: 9
To Page: 17
Collections:Volume 36, Number 3, November 2005

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