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Title: Consumer Attitudes Toward Genetic Modification and Other Possible Production Attributes for Chicken
Authors: Bernard, John C.
Pan, Xiqian
Sirolli, Ryan
Issue Date: 2005-07
Abstract: Today's consumers face foods whose production attributes they are often largely unfamiliar with and uncertain about. This study surveyed Delaware consumers about labeling, health risk concerns, and knowledge of five potential attributes for chicken: free-range, treated with antibiotics, irradiated, fed genetically modified (GM) feed, and GM chicken. Respondents were highly in favor of labeling all attributes, and perceived a high health risk from and had a low self-reported knowledge of many of the attributes. Gender, tobacco use, and label reading habits were significant factors in explaining the difference in responses. An analysis of survey comments further demonstrated the extent of consumer concerns.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 36, Number 02, July 2005
Total Pages: 11
Language: English
From Page: 1
To Page: 11
Collections:Volume 36, Number 2, July 2005

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