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Authors: Trupo, Paul
Colavito, Luke A.
Reaves, Dixie Watts
Coale, Charles W., Jr.
Norton, George W.
Issue Date: 1998-07
Abstract: Growers and community leaders have expressed interest in establishing a horticultural shipping-point market in Southwest Virginia. This paper reports on a study that assessed whether horticultural production would be profitable in the region and, if so, the physical and organizational requirements for a successful shipping-point market. It appears that tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins can be produced and marketed profitably to large-volume wholesale buyers if growers meet the exacting requirements of the retailers. A cooperative association is the organizational structure with the greatest chance of success. At the conclusion of this study, a shipping-point market in the recommended form was established in Southwest Virginia.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 29, Number 2, July 1998
Total Pages: 14
Language: English
From Page: 45
To Page: 58
Collections:Volume 29, Number 2, July 1998

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