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Title: Analysing Wine Buying Behaviour in Hungarian Hypermarkets
Authors: Szabo, Zoltan
Szeles, Zsuzsanna
Authors (Email): Szabo, Zoltan (
Szeles, Zsuzsanna (
Issue Date: 2006
Series/Report no.: Poster Paper
Abstract: In Hungary the amount of money spent on wine marketing is much below the level as it should be and the amounts spent are largely to support direct selling. Choosing the right distribution channel is of key importance. My objective was to identify wine buying behavior of consumers in the hypermarket. I have chosen this type of distribution channel because it is the fastest growing one in Hungary and the largest in wine trade and compared to the international situation it plays a leading role. In the article I show the results of analyzing 578 questionnaires. According to the research fou r wine buyer segments were to identify the 'Drinking with friends', the 'Trendy guests', the 'Cognoscente', and the 'Average friends of wine'. These segments are clearly to distinguish from each other and can help the wine producers and the hypermarket itself to set up such marketing plans and strategies that creates higher satisfaction of the wine buyers.
Institution/Association: International Association of Agricultural Economists>2006 Annual Meeting, August 12-18, 2006, Queensland, Australia
Total Pages: 16
Language: English
Collections:2006 Annual Meeting, August 12-18, 2006, Queensland, Australia

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