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Title: Green Economic on the forest system impact with emphasis on the Central America and the Caribbean livestock production
Other Titles: Impacto de los sistemas forestales en la Economía Verde con énfasis en la producción pecuaria de Centro América y el Caribe
Authors: Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto
Toruño, Pedro José
Navas-Calderón, José
Authors (Email): Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto (
Toruño, Pedro José (
Navas-Calderón, José (
Keywords: Malmquist Indexes
Carbon Storage
Carbon losses
JEL Codes: O13
Issue Date: 2015-07-31
Series/Report no.: Vol 6 (1) pp 49-64
Abstract: The research was focused on measuring the level of biomass carbon productivity in the Central American countries. To make these measurements we used the IPCC Tier 1 method to determine annual increase carbon storage in biomass carbon loss by wood removals and carbon loss by burning fuel extraction and to measure its impact on productivity forest approach was used for data analysis enclosures (DEA), estimating Malmquist indices. The growth rate of total factor productivity forest (PTFF) was 0.03% on average in all countries, it shows that El Salvador recorded a growth rate of 1%, 0.04% Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua, 0.03 % Change in Costa Rica and Honduras, 0.01%, while Cuba and Panama were indifferent in the growth rate.
Identifiers: UNIVERSITAS (LEÓN) Revista Científica de la UNAN-León Vol. 6 (1) Julio 2015
pp 49-64 ISSN electrónico 2311-6072 ISSN impreso 2071-257X
Institution/Association: Universitas (León). Revista Científica de la UNAN-León. Vicerrectoria de Investigación, Postgrados y Proyección Social>Volume 06, Number 1, 2015
Total Pages: 15
From Page: 50
To Page: 62
Collections:Volume 06, Number 1, 2015

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