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Title: Unraveling Demand for Dairy-Alternative Beverages in the United States: The Case of Soymilk
Authors: Dharmasena, Senarath
Capps, Oral, Jr.
Authors (Email): Dharmasena, Senarath (
Keywords: censored demand
dairy alternative beverages
flavored milk
functional beverages
Nielsen Homescan data
Tobit model
white milk
Issue Date: 2014-04
Abstract: Soymilk is one of the fastest growing categories in the U.S dairy alternative functional beverage market. Using household-level purchase data from Nielsen’s 2008 Homescan panel and the Tobit econometric procedure, we estimate conditional and unconditional own-price, cross-price, and income elasticities for soymilk, white milk, and flavored milk. Income, age, employment status, education level, race, ethnicity, region, and presence of children in a household are significant drivers of demand for soymilk. White milk and flavored milk are competitors for soymilk, and soymilk is a competitor for white milk. Strategies for pricing and targeted marketing of soymilk are also discussed.
Institution/Association: Agricultural and Resource Economics Review>Volume 43, Number 1, April 2014
Total Pages: 18
From Page: 140
To Page: 157
Collections:Volume 43, Number 1, April 2014

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