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Title: The Importance of Nutrition Labels and Serving-Size Information in the Context of Overweight and Obesity
Authors: Bayar, Emine
Saghaian, Sayed
Hu, Wuyang
Katchova, Ani L.
Issue Date: 2009-03
Abstract: This study provides a framework for describing the profiles of consumers who are more likely to use nutrition labels and to pay attention to serving-size information. Inan online survey, food consumers were asked about the importance of nutrition labels and how often they read the serving-size information. Results from ordered logit models indicate that overweight people think that nutrition labels are important but they are less likely to pay attention to serving-size information, which may explain the overweight problem. Based on various demographic characteristics, the findings also show that food consumers do not always link the importance of nutrition labels and the frequency of reading serving-size information.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 40, Number 1, March 2009
Total Pages: 7
From Page: 15
To Page: 21
Collections:Volume 40, Number 1, March 2009

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