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Title: Ranking Environmental Projects
Authors: Pannell, David J.
Authors (Email): Pannell, David J (
Keywords: environment
project prioritisation
behaviour change
environmental values
technical feasibility
JEL Codes: D82
Issue Date: 2013-09-05
Series/Report no.: Working Paper
Abstract: Environmental agencies and organisations face the challenge of deciding which of the many possible environmental projects they should support with their limited resources. Projects vary greatly in environmental benefits and costs, so selecting the best projects can make a major difference to the level of environmental benefits that can be generated for a given budget. Key principles for ranking environmental projects are presented and explained. A suitable formula to use as a metric for ranking projects is developed and explained. The formula accounts for environmental values, the effectiveness of management, time lags, behaviour change, various risks and various costs. The suggested formula includes a number of appropriate simplifications. A number of common mistakes to avoid are outlined.
Notes: Please see revised/updated version of this paper - Working Paper 1507 published April 2015.
Institution/Association: University of Western Australia, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Working Papers
Total Pages: 45
Collections:Working Papers

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