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Title: Direct-to-Consumer Sales of Farm Products: Producers and Supply Chains in the Southeast
Authors: Ahearn, Mary Clare
Sterns, James
Editors: Bosch, Darrell J.
Marchant, Mary A.
Wetzstein, Michael
Keywords: direct farm sales
farm profitability
farmers’ markets
local foods
local supply chain
JEL Codes: Q12
Issue Date: 2013-08-01
Series/Report no.: Volume 45
Number 3
Abstract: Given the geography and agroclimatic conditions of the Southeast, coupled with continued population expansion from in-migration, local foods markets may be a promising niche market for some farms in the region. The Southeast has more small farms than any other U.S. region. Using farm-level data, we address the question of how successful southeastern farms engaged in direct sales to consumers differ from other farms. We also include a case study of a marketing association in the panhandle of Florida. In both analyses, we focus on the role of the supply chain for direct sales in explaining farm returns.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics> Volume 45, Number 03, August 2013
Total Pages: 12
From Page: 497
To Page: 508
Collections:Volume 45, Number 03, August 2013

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