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Title: Environmental Bio Economic Impact in Nicaragua
Other Titles: Impacto Ambiental de la Bio Economia en Nicaragua
Authors: Blanco Orozco, Napoleón Vicente
Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto
Authors (Email): Blanco Orozco, Napoleón Vicente (
Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto (
Editors: Williams, Richard
Editors (Email): Williams, Richard (
Keywords: WinDASI program
Bio Economy
Oil fuel
JEL Codes: L:23
Q :43
Q :51
Issue Date: 2013-06-12
Abstract: In this article the Bio economy of power plants connected to the national interconnected system of Nicaragua is analyzed, through the study of environmental effects of greenhouse gases emissions from the use of solid biomass from sugarcane bagasse and oil to generate electricity. In addition, an analysis of Cost - Benefit of investments to the electricity generation using fossil fuel and bagasse is done. The Methodology EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) was used; this methodology was proposed by the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) to determine the overall greenhouse gases (GHG) emission balance. Additionally, the WinDASI program, also developed by FAO, was used for the Cost - Benefit Analysis of investment in power plants. Furthermore, we performed marginal costing GHG reduction. The results show, that all plants are sources of GHG emissions, however the impact of sugar mills is partially positive by reforestation components and annual crops. However, the component inputs had negative environmental and socially impact. In the case of thermal power generation plants based on petroleum connected to the national grid, they were found to be sources of greenhouse gases. The analysis of the Benefit Cost in their investment indicates that there is a positive financially impact except in ALBANISA power plant and sugar Mills power plants.
Notes: This paper is part of the Doctoral Program in Natural Sciences for Development Thesis in Costa Rica
Identifiers: Journal of Agricultural Studies
ISSN 2166-0379 2013
Vol. 1
No 2.
Institution/Association: National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, León (UNAN-León)>Researching Centre for Agrarian Sciences and Applied Economic (RCASAE)>Working Papers
Total Pages: 26
From Page: 53
To Page: 78
Collections:Working Papers

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