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Authors: Stallmann, Judith I.
Johnson, Thomas G.
Mwachofi, Ari
Flora, Jan L.
Keywords: Dropouts
Human capital
Job markets
Issue Date: 1993-12
Abstract: Human capital theory suggests that job opportunities will create incentives for human capital investment. If job information does not flow freely, or if they prefer not to move, students will make investment decisions based upon local job markets. Communities with a high percentage of low-skill jobs which do not reward high school and higher education do not create incentives for students to finish high school or continue beyond high school. Data from Virginia support this hypothesis. Targeted job creation, and improved labor market information may create incentives for increased human capital investment in many rural communities.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 25, Number 02, December 1993
Total Pages: 13
Language: English
From Page: 82
To Page: 94
Collections:Volume 25, Number 02, December 1993

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