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Title: The Effects of Large-Scale Hog Production on Local Labor Markets
Authors: Sneeringer, Stacy E.
Hertz, Thomas
Editors: Marchant, Mary A.
Bosch, Darrell J.
Keywords: employment
JEL Codes: Q5
Issue Date: 2013-02
Abstract: Although the negative externalities of large-scale hog production have been well studied, econometric estimates of its potentially positive labor markets effects are lacking.We use the geographic shifts in large-scale hog production between 1992 and 2007 to estimate such production’s effects on local farm and nonfarm labor markets. We find that every additional 1000 head at large-scale facilities in a county generates 0.57 additional large-scale hog operation jobs, 0.04 fewer small-scale hog operation jobs, 0.16 fewer nonhog-related agricultural jobs, and 0.59 additional nonfarm jobs, for a total of 0.96 jobs. Our total estimate is lower than previous ones based on input–output modeling.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics> Volume 45, Number 01, February 2013
Total Pages: 20
From Page: 139
To Page: 158
Collections: Volume 45, Number 01, February 2013

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