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Title: Positioning for the Development of New Rural Financial Organizations
Authors: Gu, Fu-zhen
Wang, Ji-heng
Fang, Hong
Keywords: New rural financial organizations
Market positioning
Competitive advantage
Issue Date: 2012-07
Abstract: Based on regional differences, differences in the content and scale of economic activities, we analyze different levels of rural financial needs in China, using the system analysis method. Different types of financial need subject have characteristics of diversity and hierarchy in terms of financial needs, in need of different credit patterns and credit mechanisms for satisfaction. Based on this, we position the differentiated development of new rural financial organizations as follows: village and town banks should be established in the central and west regions and counties with the proportion of primary industry higher than the national average, to actively innovate upon loan types, support maintenance-oriented farmers, market-oriented farmers and small and medium-sized agriculture-related enterprises; loan companies and small loan companies can be established in the regions with the potential for development, lacking collaboration between economy and finance, to constantly explore the loan types and innovate upon the loan patterns for self-employed households, micro-enterprises and farmers; it is appropriate to establish rural credit union in the poverty-stricken areas with sluggish economic development and relatively isolated remote areas, to provide services for farmers and micro-enterprises, especially impoverished farmers, provide the business such as deposits, loans, and settlement for members, actively carry out business consulting services for members' poverty alleviation and income increase.
Institution/Association: Asian Agricultural Research>Volume 04, Issue 07, July 2012
Total Pages: 3
From Page: 73
To Page: 79
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