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Title: Pigeonpea as a Niche Crop for Small Farmers
Authors: Tegegne, Fisseha
Singh, Surendra P.
Duseja, Desh
Ekanem, Enefiok P.
Bullock, Fitzroy (Roy)
Keywords: Pigeonpea
Niche crop
Small Farmers
Analysis of Variance.
Issue Date: 2012-03
Abstract: Pigeonpea is a nutritious legume crop that has the ability to fix nitrogen, grow on marginal lands and has multipurpose use for human consumption, animal feed and fuel. India is the largest producer and consumer of the crop. However, there is growing interest to produce the crop by other countries including the United States. The focus of this study was to examine the role of row spacing on yield. Using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) it was found that spacing affects yield. That is, the more the spacing the more the yield.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 43, Number 1, March 2012
Total Pages: 6
From Page: 90
To Page: 95
Collections:Volume 43, Number 1, March 2012

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