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Title: The Cost of Dietary Variety: A Case of Fruit and Vegetables
Authors: Hatzenbuehler, Patrick L.
Gillespie, Jeffrey M.
O'Neil, Carol E.
Authors (Email): Hatzenbuehler, Patrick L. (
O’Neil, Carol E. (
Keywords: Dietary Variety
Linear Programming
Marginal Cost of Variety
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Issue Date: 2011-11
Abstract: The 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and MyPyramid recommend eating a variety of vegetables and fruit; for vegetables, this recommendation is coupled with specific weekly serving recommendations. This study used a linear programming model to show the cost of increasing variety in fruit and vegetable consumption when meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans fruit and vegetable consumption recommendations with no within-group variety. Efficacy of efforts to promote increased dietary variety may be limited by economic disincentives associated with purchasing a greater variety of fruit and vegetables.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 42, Number 3, November 2011
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To Page: 13
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