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Title: Discerning Differences among Producer Groups and Organic Adoption Barriers in Texas
Authors: Lau, Michael H.
Hanagriff, Roger D.
Constance, Douglas H.
York, Mary
VanDelist, Brian
Higgins, Lindsey M.
Issue Date: 2010-07
Abstract: While nationwide growth in the production of organic agricultural products has seen rapid expansion, the number of certifi ed organic operations in Texas has remained relatively stagnant. Evidence shows a shift in consumer’s demands toward organic products, yet Texas producers have been comparatively slow to respond to this shift. A survey was distributed to a random sample of 4,006 Texas producers as a means of understanding the perceived barriers of adoption of organic production practices in Texas,. Emphasis was placed on perceived production and market barriers to organic production and differences in perceived barriers among producer groups. The results provide guidance about the types of policy approaches that will be effective in overcoming the barriers to organic adoption.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 41, Number 2, July 2010
Total Pages: 13
From Page: 124
To Page: 136
Collections:Volume 41, Number 2, July 2010

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