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Title: Mapping and Quantification of the Cotton Chain in Brazil
Authors: Fava Neves, Marcos
Alves Pinto, Mairun Junqueira
de Lima Junior, Jose Carlos
Authors (Email): Fava Neves, Marcos (
Alves Pinto, Mairun Junqueira (
de Lima Júnior, José Carlos (
Editors (Email): IFAMR, IFAMA (
Keywords: cotton
economic impact
value chain.
Issue Date: 2012-11-01
Series/Report no.: Volume 15
Issue 4
Abstract: The CHAINPlan method developed by Neves (2007) is a practical tool which can be used to construct strategic plans for production chains. A preliminary step in this process includes mapping and quantifying the production chain. We present the results of applying the method to one of the most important agribusiness chains in Brazil—the cotton sector. The Gross Domestic Product for the cotton sector in the 2010-2011 crop year was estimated at nearly $19.2 billion. We show the interconnections between the links in the chain and its ability to generate revenues, taxes and jobs.
Notes: The IFAMR is published quarterly by IFAMA.
Identifiers: ISSN #: 1559-2448)
Institution/Association: International Food and Agribusiness Management Review>Volume 15, Issue 4, 2012
Total Pages: 5
From Page: 189
To Page: 193
Collections:Volume 15, Issue 4, 2012

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