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Authors: Szabone Pap, Hajnalka
Bezzeg, Eniko
Keywords: sustainable rural economy
National Rural Strategy
food safety
natural resources
Issue Date: 2012-11-01
Series/Report no.: 6
Abstract: The notion of sustainability is the basis for our future possibilities. Local sustainability, in the centre of which can be found the livable settlement, is especially important in rural areas.Without developing rural areas, there is no developing society. The growth of the Earth’s population and the world economy has already surpassed the carrying capacity of this planet which may result in an “overshoot and collapse”. This can still be prevented today. The population of towns and cities is rapidly increasing. Urbanization is a very fast process, even in Hungary. In large cities with millions of inhabitants crime and lumpen lifestyle pose huge problems. However, the bases of a successful economy are morals and a puritan lifestyle, which so far have characterized rural villages. 70% of the poor and needy live in rural areas in the developing countries and agriculture provides livelihood for 40% of the world’s population. The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) was established in 2002 by FAO and theWorld Bank to learn more about the role of agricultural science and technology. After the positive decision some comprehensive summaries were made on all the related topics with the participation of 400 scientists. The assessment provided many lessons to learn and at the 2008 closing sessions in Johannesburg, the reports were accepted and it was proved that rural areas have a significant role in providing adequate means of earning a livelihood.
Institution/Association: APSTRACT: Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce>Volume 06, Numbers 3-4, 2012
Total Pages: 8
From Page: 143
To Page: 150
Collections:Volume 06, Number 3-4, 2012

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