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Title: Willingness to adopt soil conservation measures: A case study of Fijian cane farmers
Authors: Asafu-Adjaye, John
Keywords: Soil erosion
soil conservation
Tobit model
Issue Date: 2006-02
Abstract: This study explores the extent to which various factors affect Fijian cane farmers’ adoption of soil conservation measures. The significant factors affecting perception of the soil erosion problem are age, ethnicity, and extension education, while the significant factors affecting soil conservation effort are perception of the erosion problem, age, ethnicity, and extension education. Contrary to theoretical expectations, economic and physical factors do not significantly affect soil conservation behaviour in this sample of farmers. The resulting implications for soil conservation policy are discussed.
Institution/Association: Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society>2006 Conference (50th), February 8-10, Sydney, Australia
Total Pages: 31
Collections: 2006 Conference (50th), February 8-10, 2006, Sydney, Australia

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