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Title: Manure Transfers in the Midwest and Factors Affecting Adoption of Manure Testing
Authors: Ali, Sarah
McCann, Laura M.J.
Allspach, Jessica
Editors: Marchant, Mary A.
Bosch, Darrell J.
Keywords: manure markets
manure testing
nutrient management
JEL Codes: Q12
Issue Date: 2012-11
Abstract: Using manure as a substitute for commercial fertilizer could potentially reduce fertilizer costs and also reduce non-point source pollution. Livestock farmers in Missouri and Iowa were surveyed regarding their manure management practices. Eighty-one percent of turkey farmers versus 5% of beef farmers transferred manure to other farmers. Fifty-one percent of farmers who transferred manure indicated it had been tested. Factors decreasing adoption included higher off-farm incomes, solid versus liquid manure, and more animal units per acre. Factors increasing adoption included distance transferred, a contract for the manure, payment, and thinking that manure testing was profitable.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics> Volume 44, Number 04, November 2012
Total Pages: 16
From Page: 533
To Page: 548
Collections:Volume 44, Number 04, November 2012

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