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Title: Environmental and Social Values from Plantation Forests: A Study in New Zealand with Focus on the Hawke’s Bay Region
Authors: Rivas Palma, Rosa Maria
Manley, Bruce
Kerr, Geoffrey N.
Keywords: plantation forests
non-market values
choice modelling
Issue Date: 2012-08
Abstract: There is a need for better understanding and estimating forests non-market values. This study aimed to investigate the environmental and social values of plantation forests in New Zealand focusing in Hawke’s Bay. Identified stakeholder groups considered Erosion control, Water quality and quantity, Employment, Increased living standard, and Recreation as the most relevant values. These became the focus of the study. The environmental value of plantation forests was estimated through choice modelling. The results indicated that respondents with higher education levels and positive attitude towards community values were more willing to pay for improved levels of land stabilisation and water quality.
Institution/Association: New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society>2009 Conference, August 27-28, 2009, Nelson, New Zealand
Total Pages: 25
Collections:2009 Conference, August 27-28, 2009, Nelson, New Zealand

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