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Title: Community Governance: An Alternative Approach to Regulation and Market Mechanisms for Management of Nitrogen Loss
Authors: Parsons, Oliver
Keywords: Diffuse pollution
risk management
market-based instruments
commons resource management
community governance.
Issue Date: 2012-08
Abstract: The National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management now requires that water quality objectives and limits be set for all water bodies in New Zealand. Where objectives result in the development of nitrate limits for waterways and development pressure is likely to make these limits difficult to achieve, systems are needed to avoid over-allocation. This paper proposes a multi-level governance model for managing this load over time, with a focus on community self-governance and building a flexible system for managing leaching risk, given the very high levels of uncertainty in linking nutrient losses to objectives.
Institution/Association: New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society>2012 Conference, August 31, 2012, Nelson, New Zealand
Total Pages: 20
Collections:2012 Conference, August 31, 2012, Nelson, New Zealand

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