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Title: Determinants of FSA Direct Loan Borrowers' Financial Improvement and Loan Servicing Actions
Authors: Dixon, Bruce L.
Ahrendsen, Bruce L.
Landerito, Aiko O.
Hamm, Sandra J.
Danforth, Diana M.
Keywords: direct loans
Farm Service Agency
negative binomial
servicing actions
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Regression models of Farm Service Agency borrower net worth, debt-to-asset ratio, and loan servicing actions over an average seven-year period following loan origination are estimated to identify determinants of borrower financial progress over time. Results show significantly increasing net worth and debt-to-asset ratio. The change in net worth increases and the change in debt-to-asset ratio decreases as time in loan program increases. Increasing origination net worth tends to decrease loan servicing actions. Socially disadvantaged and beginning farmer loans perform similarly to nonprogram loans. Borrowers originating limited resource loans experience significant net worth impacts relative to borrowers originating regular FSA loans.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agribusiness, Volume 28, Number 2, Fall 2010
Total Pages: 19
From Page: 131
To Page: 149
Collections:Volume 28, Number 2, Fall 2010

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