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Title: Developing Effective Marketing Strategies for Agritourism: Targeting Visitor Segments
Authors: Sullins, Martha
Moxon, Drew
Thilmany, Dawn D.
Keywords: agritourism
cluster analysis
consumer segmentation
regional economic development
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In Colorado, agritourism shows the potential to benefit agricultural producers and rural communities by generating additional income from consumers who are willing to pay for rural and agriculturally related experiences. This study uses a survey of Colorado agritourists to identify five distinct groups of visitors using demographics, attitudes, expenditures, and activity types. The visitor clusters are significantly different when considering types of travel planning and transportation, agritourism participation, and importance of agritourism to the travel party‚Äôs visit, among other behaviors. We conclude with a discussion of the marketing and joint planning implications for agritourism providers, the tourism industry, and Colorado communities.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agribusiness, Volume 28, Number 2, Fall 2010
Total Pages: 20
From Page: 111
To Page: 130
Collections:Volume 28, Number 2, Fall 2010

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