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Title: Abstinence and the Single Desk: Canada – US Wheat Trade Relations in a post-CWB World
Authors: Rude, James
Keywords: Canadian Wheat Board
contingent protection measures
Canada-U.S. wheat trade
Issue Date: 2012-07-30
Series/Report no.: Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy
Volume 13, Number 2, Summer 2012
Abstract: The elimination of the single-desk monopsony/monopoly granted to the Canadian Wheat Board for western Canadian milling wheat acquisitions and sales will have ramifications for Canadian-U.S. trade relations. This article speculates on the volume of future north/south wheat trade flows. Given this perspective on trade prospects, an examination of the history of Canada-U.S. wheat trade disputes is considered. Historical experience is then used to gauge the potential for future trade remedy actions. The prospects for future contingent protection measures – antidumping and countervailing duties – are then considered, and possible steps for policy makers, farmers, and agribusinesses are presented.
Identifiers: 1496-5208
Institution/Association: Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy >Volume 13, Number 2, Summer 2012
Total Pages: 23
From Page: 160
To Page: 182
Collections:Volume 13, Number 2, Summer 2012

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