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Title: Input-Output Analysis in Australia: An Agricultural Perspective
Authors: Mules, T.J.
Issue Date: 1983-04
Abstract: This paper surveys the Australian history, development and applications of Leontief's input-output system. A strong agricultural/regional association with the technique is found to exist, both in terms of compilation and application of input-output tables. It is also found that while interest in the technique was historically the domain of a number of disparate individuals, in recent years there has emerged a wider involvement of Government agencies such as the Industries Assistance Commission at the Federal level and the various State Government Departments responsible for economic analysis. The paper concludes with a review of current developments.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 51, Number 01, April 1983
Total Pages: 22
Language: English
From Page: 9
To Page: 30
Collections:Volume 51, Number 01, April 1983

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