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Title: Analyzing Trade Liberalization Effect in the Egg Sector Using a Dynamic Gravity Model
Authors: Tamini, Lota Dabio
Doyon, Maurice
Simon, Rodrigue
Keywords: Eggs and eggs products
persistence in trade
trade liberalization
gravity model
random-effects dynamic probit
autoregressive panel
JEL Codes: Q17
Issue Date: 2012-06
Series/Report no.: CREATE Working Paper
Abstract: This study analyzes the effects of different liberalization scenarios in the international trade of eggs and egg products. We use a dynamic gravity model that takes into account the observed persistence of trading partners. The estimated parameters of the gravity model serve to quantify the impact of various liberalization scenarios on the probability of importing (extensive margin) and on trade volumes (intensive margin). The results indicate that even in the context of aggressive trade liberalization, trade gains at the extensive margin will be modest. Gains at the intensive margin of trade are present even in the context of partial liberalization - Doha type - of trade.
Institution/Association: University of Laval>Center for Research on the Economics of the Environment, Agri-food, Transports and Energy (CREATE)>Working Papers
Total Pages: 41
Collections:Working Papers

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