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Title: A Review of Recent Developments in Japanese Agriculture and Agricultural Policy
Authors: Kobayashi, S.
Morison, Julian B.
Riethmuller, Paul C.
Issue Date: 1991-12
Abstract: This paper aims to review major recent developments in Japanese agriculture policy and to evaluate what these changes are likely to mean for the agricultural sector. An overview is provided of the Japanese economy, the position of agriculture in the economy and some of the important characteristics of Japanese farm households. The discussion then focuses on trade related policy developments, particularly those that have received most attention outside Japan. Recent important policy developments are then described for the rice industry, the focus of foreign criticism of Japan's agricultural policies, and the beef industry, an example of an industry to have recently lost protection against imports.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 59, Number 03, December 1991
Total Pages: 21
Language: English
From Page: 208
To Page: 228
Collections:Volume 59, Number 03, December 1991

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