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Title: The Identification and Measurement of Factors in the Adjustment of New South Wales Farmers to Non-Farm Occupations
Authors: Paul, Phillip B.
Issue Date: 1979-12
Abstract: To date, there have been a paucity of studies in Australia which have studied the adjustment of farmers to non-farm situations. A number of relevant overseas studies have been far from complete in that they have failed to identify adequately both the factors contributing to the success or failure of the adjustment process and the type of farmer who is most likely to be most adaptable to the change. This paper attempts to shed some light in this area by identifying significant factors in the adjustment process. It then attempts to discover the type of migrant who is most likely to be adaptable to the re-adjustment process by investigating the relationship between the characteristics of the former farmers and their farm situation prior to migration and their post-migration adjustment experience.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 47, Number 03, December 1979
Total Pages: 12
Language: English
From Page: 179
To Page: 190
Collections:Volume 47, Number 03, December 1979

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