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Title: The Future of the Common Agricultural Policy
Authors: Sturgess, Ian M.
Issue Date: 1991-08
Abstract: This article summarises the forces for change in the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Economic Community and the political limits upon it, together with some recent developments which contribute to their understanding. The emphasis in the paper, as in Community politics, is on budgetary and environmental pressures rather than on issues of efficiency or international trade. The institutions and shibboleths which encourage the conservation of a policy which is in most respects inefficient, inequitable and ineffective are explained, with particular attention to the processes of fixing prices and budgets and the profoundly different objectives of Community member countries.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 59, Number 02, August 1991
Total Pages: 39
Language: English
From Page: 149
To Page: 187
Collections:Volume 59, Number 02, August 1991

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