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Title: Trends and Developments in United States Agricultural Policy: 1993-1995
Authors: Vande Kamp, Philip R.
Runge, C. Ford
Issue Date: 1994-12
Abstract: Budget pressures, emphasis on environmentally sensitive agriculture, emphasis on finding agricultural export markets, and anti-agricultural program sentiment have fueled a climate for change in United States agricultural policy. Significant changes depend on the political strength of agricultural interest groups and on the compromises which can be reached between them. Several notable achievements have been accomplished in recent domestic agricultural policy legislation. The 1995 farm bill will define the commodity and conservation programs for the next five years. There have been history-setting accomplishments in reducing barriers to international agricultural trade. The tri-partite North American Free Trade Agreement became effective January 1, 1994. The Uruguay Round Agreement of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was completed in late 1994.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 62, Number 03, December 1994
Total Pages: 19
Language: English
From Page: 317
To Page: 335
Collections:Volume 62, Number 03, December 1994

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