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Title: Trade Policy Implications of Carbon Labels on Food
Authors: Baddeley, Shane
Cheng, Peter
Wolfe, Robert
Keywords: trade
policy carbon
Issue Date: 2011-10
Series/Report no.: CATPRN Commissioned Paper
Abstract: Despite the presence of food miles labels and carbon labels on the market for many years, relatively little data is available on how consumers respond to these labels. It is one thing to show people saying in surveys they will use carbon labels, and quite another to have evidence of people actually using them. Carbon labels could be complicated to develop and implement fairly, with significant burdens on producers, especially in developing countries. If the only problem that a carbon label solves is relieving the bad conscience of rich western consumers, then they will be a disaster. Tackling climate change is too urgent to waste time and resources on anything that may prove to be a sideshow.
Institution/Association: Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network>Commissioned Papers
Total Pages: 35
Collections:Commissioned Papers

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