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Apr-2012 A Comprehensive Evaluation of USDA Cotton Forecasts Isengildina-Massa, Olga; MacDonald, Stephen; Xie, Ran PDF (419 KB)
Apr-2012 “A Definition at Last, But What Does it All Mean?” Newspaper Coverage of Organic Food Production and its Effects on Milk Purchases Kiesel, Kristin PDF (1341 KB)
Apr-2012 Determinants of Price Differentials in Oklahoma Value-Added Feeder Cattle Auctions Williams, Galen S.; Raper, Kellie Curry; DeVuyst, Eric A.; Peel, Derrell S.; McKinney, Doug PDF (208 KB)
Apr-2012 Do USDA Announcements Affect Comovements Across Commodity Futures Returns? Karali, Berna PDF (289 KB)
Apr-2012 The Effect of Value-Added Management on Calf Prices at Superior Livestock Auction Video Markets Zimmerman, Lance C.; Schroeder, Ted C.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Olson, K.C.; Stokka, Gerald L.; Seeger, Jon T.; Grotelueschen, Dale M. PDF (419 KB)
Apr-2012 Fixed Effects Estimation of the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Irrigation Water Demand Hendricks, Nathan P.; Peterson, Jeffrey M. PDF (402 KB)
Apr-2012 Japanese Consumers’ Valuation of U.S. Beef and Pork Products after the Beef Trade Ban Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa; Burbidge, Linda D. PDF (182 KB)
Apr-2012 Measuring the Benefits to Advertising under Monopolistic Competition Boland, Michael A.; Crespi, John M.; Silva, Jena; Xia, Tian PDF (151 KB)
Apr-2012 Site-Specific Simulation of Nutrient Control Policies: Integrating Economic and Water Quality Effects Burkhart, Christopher S.; Jha, Manoj K. PDF (686 KB)
Apr-2012 Spatial Externalities of Pest Control Decisions in the California Citrus Industry Grogan, Kelly A.; Goodhue, Rachael E. PDF (197 KB)
Apr-2012 Volume 37, Number 1 Cover - PDF (267 KB)



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