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Title: A Comparison Of Choice Experiments And Actual Grocery Store Behavior: An Empirical Application To Seafood Products
Authors: Hudson, Darren
Gallardo, Rosa Karina
Hanson, Terrill R.
Keywords: choice experiment
grocery store
hypothetical bias
JEL Codes: C35
Issue Date: 2012-02
Abstract: In this paper we compare results from an in-store field experiment and a mail survey choice experiment (CE) to investigate CE’s capacity in predicting grocery store market share. For the comparison, we used three seafood products: freshwater prawns, marine shrimp, and lobster. CE estimates were obtained via four econometric models: the conditional logit, the random parameter logit, the heteroskedastic extreme value, and the multinomial probit. We found that the level of control in the grocery store experiment and the choice of econometric model influenced the capacity of CE to predict grocery store market shares.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics> Volume 44, Number 01, February 2012
Total Pages: 14
From Page: 49
To Page: 62
Collections:Volume 44, Number 01, February 2012

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