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Title: Cow-Calf Producer Risk Preference Impacts on Retained Ownership Strategies
Authors: Pope, Kelsey Frasier
Schroeder, Ted C.
Langemeier, Michael R.
Herbel, Kevin L.
Authors (Email): Schroeder, Ted C. (
Keywords: cow-calf producers
ordered probit
retained ownership
risk aversion
JEL Codes: Q13
Issue Date: 2011-11
Abstract: Considerable efforts have been made to provide cow-calf producers with information to help them make informed decisions about adding value to calves. Despite demonstrated market incentives to retain calves, many producers still sell right after weaning. We postulate this observed behavior is related to producer risk aversion. Our study concludes risk aversion is an important factor affecting calf retention as the most risk-averse producers have more than a 60% probability of selling calves at weaning and the most risk tolerant have less than a 20% probability of selling at weaning.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 43, Number 04, November 2011
Total Pages: 17
From Page: 497
To Page: 513
Collections:Volume 43, Number 04, November 2011

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