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Title: Groundwater Policy Research: Collaboration with Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas
Authors: Johnson, Jeffrey W.
Johnson, Phillip N.
Guerrero, Bridget L.
Weinheimer, Justin
Amosson, Stephen H.
Almas, Lal K.
Golden, Bill B.
Wheeler-Cook, Erin
Keywords: groundwater economics
Ogallala Aquifer
JEL Codes: Q30
Issue Date: 2011-08
Abstract: The unique nature of the Ogallala Aquifer presents interesting and confounding problems for water policymakers who are coping with changing groundwater rules in Texas. The purpose of this article is to link previous efforts in water policy research for the Ogallala Aquifer in Texas with current collaborations that are ongoing with regional water planners. A chronological progression of economic water modeling efforts for the region is reviewed. The results of two recent collaborative studies are presented that provide estimates of impacts of alternative policies on groundwater saturated thickness, water use, net farm income, and regional economic activities.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 43, Number 03, August 2011
Total Pages: 12
From Page: 345
To Page: 356
Collections:Volume 43, Number 03, August 2011

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