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Title: Privatization, Public R&D Policy, and Private R&D Investment in China's Agriculture
Authors: Hu, Ruifa
Liang, Qin
Pray, Carl E.
Huang, Jikun
Jin, Yanhong H.
Keywords: Agriculture
Private R&D
Public R&D
Issue Date: 2011-08
Abstract: Private R&D is a major source of innovation and productivity growth in agriculture worldwide. This paper examines trends and determinants of agricultural R&D in China. Results show that while the public sector monopolized agricultural research until recently, private agricultural R&D has grown rapidly since 2000, driven largely by agribusiness privatization. Public-sector R&D investments in basic research also encouraged private R&D research, but public investments in technology development crowded out private R&D investment. China‚Äôs private R&D investment would grow more rapidly if the government shifted public resources from technology development to basic research.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 36, Number 2, August 2011
Total Pages: 17
From Page: 416
To Page: 432
Collections:Volume 36, Number 2, August 2011

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