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Title: The New Food Safety Regime in the US: How Will it Affect Canadian Competitiveness
Authors: Nakuja, Tekuni
Akhand, M.
Hobbs, Jill E.
Kerr, William A.
Authors (Email): Kerr, W. A. (william.kerr)
Keywords: food
Issue Date: 2011-09
Series/Report no.: Trade Policy Brief
Abstract: The FSMA appears to be a major undertaking with a very large responsibility placed on the FDA. It would seem that bottlenecks to exporting are bound to appear which will be very frustrating for Canadian firms. It is important for Canadian firms and Canadian policy makers to work hard to ensure that temporary bottlenecks do not become permanent inhibitors of trade. The Canadian government needs to understand industry concerns and use any mechanisms – including those in the NAFTA – to initiate consultations with the US. Given the likely lags in implementation, North American food markets are likely to exhibit considerable disequilibrium over the near term. Trade flows will be affected. As the implementation programs of the FSMA become more transparent, more sophisticated analysis into its effect on Canadian competitiveness in the US market can be undertaken.
Institution/Association: Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network>Trade Policy Briefs
Total Pages: 6
Collections:Trade Policy Briefs

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