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Title: Farm Output, Non-Farm Income, and Commercialization in Rural Georgia
Authors: Kan, Iddo
Kimhi, Ayal
Lerman, Zvi
Authors (Email): Kan, Iddo (
Kimhi, Ayal (
Lerman, Zvi (
Keywords: commercialization
market participation
farm output
non-farm income
resource allocation
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: This article examines the decision of farmers to sell part of their farm output on the market, using data from the Republic of Georgia. A two-level empirical model is used, in which endowments and resource allocation decisions determine farm output and non-farm income, and these in turn determine market participation. We found, as expected, that farm output affects market participation positively, while non-farm income affects it negatively. Landholdings have an indirect positive effect on market participation, through its positive effect on farm output. Education has a negative effect on market participation, mainly through its positive effect on non-farm income.
Institution/Association: eJADE: electronic Journal of Agricultural and Development Economics>Volume 03, Issue 2, 2006
Total Pages: 11
From Page: 276
To Page: 286
Collections:Volume 03, Issue 2, 2006

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