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Title: Fiscal Policies in Highly Unequal Societies: Implications for Agricultural Growth
Authors: Lopez, Ramon E.
Authors (Email): Lopez, Ramon (
Keywords: public expenditure
public goods
agricultural growth
social equity
JEL Codes: H40
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: The paper discusses the economic effects of misallocation of public expenditures in favor of private goods rather than public goods. It first lays out certain key hypotheses regarding the consequences of the apparent public sector allocation inefficiency and the factors that explain this phenomenon. It then discusses existing empirical evidence that lends at least indirect support to these hypotheses. Finally, it presents new empirical evidence for the rural sector in Latin America which documents the extent of the misallocation of public expenditures, its consequences for agricultural growth and rural poverty, and the role of certain key politico-institutional factors in explaining the misallocation.
Institution/Association: eJADE: electronic Journal of Agricultural and Development Economics>Volume 04, Issue 1, 2007
Total Pages: 23
From Page: 123
To Page: 145
Collections:Volume 04, Issue 1, 2007

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