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Title: Mainstreaming Safety Nets in the Social Protection Policy Agenda: A New Vision or the Same Old Perspective?
Authors: Gentilini, Ugo
Authors (Email): Gentilini, Ugo (
Keywords: vulnerability
social protection
safety nets
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Social protection aims to provide a national platform for smoothly transitioning from a chaotic collection of shock responses to an institutionalized system for risk and non-risk management. For the poorest, the transition aims to move away from ad hoc, unpredictable relief to national safety nets that deliver timely, multi-year, guaranteed and predictable transfers. Social protection has to face particular challenges in chronically poor, shock-prone countries where the distinction between the chronic and transitory poor is often blurred. Other conceptual and programmatic issues also need further investigation. For filling these gaps, a research agenda articulated in ten thematic areas is proposed.
Institution/Association: eJADE: electronic Journal of Agricultural and Development Economics>Volume 02, Issue 2, 2005
Total Pages: 25
From Page: 133
To Page: 157
Collections:Volume 02, Issue 2, 2005

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