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Title: Agricultural Productivity Convergence: Myth or Reality?
Authors: Poudel, Biswo N.
Paudel, Krishna P.
Zilberman, David
Keywords: agricultural total factor productivity
human capital
U.S. states
JEL Codes: Q10
Issue Date: 2011-02
Abstract: We tested agricultural productivity convergence in the United States using the state level total factor productivity data and utilizing new estimation and cluster identification methods to identify convergence in the data. The empirical investigation did not indicate any evidence of agricultural total factor productivity (TFP) convergence at the state level. However, we found the evidence of TFP convergence at the regional level for some regions/clusters.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 43, Number 01, February 2011
Total Pages: 14
From Page: 143
To Page: 156
Collections:Volume 43, Number 01, February 2011

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