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Title: Potential Impacts of Foodborne Illness Incidences on Market Movements and Prices of Fresh Produce in the U.S.
Authors: Palma, Marco A.
Ribera, Luis A.
Bessler, David A.
Paggi, Mechel S.
Knutson, Ronald D.
Keywords: directed acyclic graphs
food safety
fresh produce
historical decomposition
JEL Codes: Q13
Issue Date: 2010-11
Abstract: This study investigates the potential impacts of food safety outbreaks on domestic shipments, imports, and prices of the produce industry. Three case studies were analyzed to assess these potential impacts: the cantaloupe outbreak of March–April 2008, the spinach outbreak of September 2006, and the tomato outbreak of June–July 2008. Data-determined historical decompositions were conducted to provide a weekly picture of domestic shipment, import, and price fluctuation transmissions. The empirical analysis based on a vector autoregression (VAR) model showed differences in the results depending on the source of the outbreak (domestic vs. imported).
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 42, Number 04, November 2010
Total Pages: 11
From Page: 731
To Page: 741
Collections:Volume 42, Number 04, November 2010

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