Food and Agricultural Marketing Consortium (FAMC)

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Cooperatives: Their Importance in the Future Food and Agricultural System - FAMC 1990 Conference (12)
Food and Agricultural Marketing Issues for the 21st Century - FAMC 1993 Conference (15)
Re-Engineering Marketing Policies for Food and Agriculture - FAMC 1994 Conference (21)
Pesticide Use and Produce Quality: Proceedings of a Workshop (6)
Public Policy in Foreign and Domestic Market Development - FAMC 1995 Conference (15)
Global Restructuring of Agro-Food Markets: Need for Change in Marketing Policy - FAMC 1996 Conference (12)
Economic and Policy Implications of Structural Realignments in Food and Ag Markets: A Case Study Approach - FAMC 1998 Conference (12)
New Economic Approaches to Consumer Welfare and Nutrition - FAMC 1999 Conference (16)