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2104 Foot and mouth disease economic impact assessment on production, export losses and eradication expenditure Forbes, Rod; van Halderen, Andre PDF (535 KB)
Nov-2015 Asia-Pacific Integration with China vs. the United States: Examining trade patterns under heterogeneous agricultural sectors Heerman, Kari E.R.; Arita, Shawn; Gopinath, Munisamy PDF (1072 KB)
3-Feb-2015 The Economic Impact of Hybrid Rice in the Mid-South Lanier, Nalley; Jesse, Tack PDF (391 KB)
1-Feb-2015 The Financial Benefits of Marketing Feeder Cattle through the Use of Group Sales Hopkins, Adan; Roberts, Jason; Mehlhorn, Joey; Parrott, Scott PDF 2015SAEAFeederCattlePaper (385 KB)
Jan-2015 Diet Deterioration and Food Retail Structure: Why are Italians Eating Less Fruits and Vegetables? Bonanno, Alessandro; Bimbo, Francesco; Castellari, Elena; Sckokai, Paolo PDF (771 KB)
2015 Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Cocoa Livelihoods Program in Sub-Saharan Africa Tisboe, Francis; Nalley, Lanier; Dixon, Bruce; Popp, Jennie; Luckstead, Jeff PDF (269 KB)
2015 “Food Processing Firms, Input Quality Upgrading and Trade” Tseng, Eric; Sheldon, Ian PDF (427 KB)
2015 Retailers' Promotions: What Role Do They Play in Household Food Purchases by Degree of Food Access in Scotland? Revoredo-Giha, Cesar; Akaichi, Faiçal; Leat, Philip M.K. PDF (350 KB)
2015 Impacts of the Drug Trade on Latin American Food Production. Palma, Marco; Ribera, Luis; Bessler, David A. PDF (472 KB)
2015 The Political Economy of the 2014 Farm Bill Orden, David; Zulauf, Carl R. PDF (192 KB)
2015 Import Penetration, Intermediate Inputs and Firms’ Productivity in the EU Food Industry Olper, Alessandro; Curzi, Daniele; Raimondi, Valentina PDF (143 KB)
2015 Commodity and Relational Good Exchanges: Commodification and Decommodification Robison, Lindon; Oliver, Jeffrey; Frank, Kenneth PDF (890 KB)
2015 Are Migrant Agricultural Workers Replacing the Local Workforce? Kimhi, Ayal PDF (359 KB)
2015 The Hidden Cost of Regulation: Emotional Responses to Command and Control Just, David; Hanks, Andrew PDF (823 KB)
2015 Latin American Agriculture in a World of Trade Agreements Josling, Tim; Paggi, Mechel; Wainio, John; Yanazaki, Fumiko PDF (8 KB)
2015 Latin American Agriculture in a World of Trade Agreements Josling, Tim; Paggi, Mechel; Wainio, John; Yamazaki, Fumiko PDF (1884 KB)
2015 Urbanization, Food Production and Food Security in China Huang, Jikun; Yang, Jun; Deng, Xiangzheng; Wang, Jinxia; Rozelle, Scott PDF (133 KB)
2015 Migration, Youth, and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia Brauw, Alan de PDF (644 KB)
2015 Using Prospect Theory to Explain Anomalous Crop Insurance Coverage Choice Babcock, Bruce PDF (753 KB)
18-Dec-2014 Volunteering and Life or Financial Shocks: Does Income and Wealth Matter? Beatton, Tony; Torgler, Benno PDF (2235 KB)
12-Dec-2014 Compliance, cooperation, and credibility: institutions and enforcement in California groundwater Skurray, James H. PDF (361 KB)
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