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15-Nov-2015 Efectos de la ineciencia técnica ambiental en la calidad del agua del Estero Real: Caso Nicaragua. Aguilar, Ariel Jose; Osorio Urtecho, Kahteriane del Rosario; Prado Olivares, Mariela del Socorro; Zuniga-Gonzalez, Carlos Alberto; Dios-Palomares, Rafaela; Sierra-Figuereo, Pablo; Quiros Madrigal, Olman Jose; Universitaria, Editorial PDF Vol 5 Num (2) 17_32 (4450 KB)
21-Aug-2015 Distorsión relativa de cuatro hidrocoloides irreversibles en modelos de piedra dental tipo IV. Arauz T, Blas Arles; Lopez Mena, Mercedes Elizabeth; Hernández, Cristian de Jesus; Universitaria, Editorial PDF (2339 KB)
21-Aug-2015 Stata tip 110: How to get the optimal k-means cluster solution Makles, Anna PDF (374 KB)
21-Aug-2015 An Integrative Conceptual Framework for Stakeholder Collaboration in Maximizing Port Industry Performance – the Case of the NY/NJ Region Boile, Maria; Theofanis, Sotirios; Baveja, Alok PDF (78 KB)
21-Aug-2015 Threshold regression for time-to-event analysis: The stthreg package Xiao, Tao; Whitmore, G. A.; He, Xin; Ting Lee, Mei-Ling PDF (438 KB)
18-Aug-2015 Nonfarm Work and Fertilizer Use Among Smallholder Farmers in Kenya: A Cross-Crop Comparison Smale, Melinda; Mathenge, Mary K.; Opiyo, Joseph PDF (610 KB)
14-Aug-2015 - -
10-Aug-2015 Nonmarket Valuation of Water Sensitive Cities: Current Knowledge and Issues Zhang, Fan; Fogarty, James; Kragt, Marit E. PDF WP1513 Zhang and Fogarty NMV of water sensitive cities (544 KB)
9-Aug-2015 The Income Diversification Strategies of Smallholder Coffee Producers in Nepal Sharma, Govinda Prasad; Pandit, Ram; White, Ben; Polyakov, Maksym; Kragt, Marit E. PDF WP1508 Sharma et al Income diversification for coffee producers in Nepal (501 KB)
5-Aug-2015 Cournot Competition and "Green" Innovation: An Inverted-U Relationship Lambertini, Luca; Poyago-Theotoky, Joanna; Tampieri, Alessandro PDF (1115 KB)
3-Aug-2015 Green Skills Vona, Francesco; Marin, Giovanni; Consoli, Davide; Popp, David PDF (1757 KB)
Aug-2015 Adaptation to Rising Population Density: Voices from Rural Kenya Willy, Daniel Kyalo; Muyanga, Milu; Jayne, T.S. PDF (732 KB)
Aug-2015 How inheriting affects bequest plans Stark, Oded; Nicinska, Anna; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP202_How inheriting affects bequest plans (455 KB)
Aug-2015 Marine Ecosystems and Climate Change: Economic Issues Tisdell, Clem PDF Main Paper (261 KB)
Aug-2015 Oil Price Forecasts for the Long-Term: Expert Outlooks, Models, or Both? Bernard, Jean-Thomas; Khalaf, Lynda; Kichian, Maral; Yelou, Clement PDF (861 KB)
Aug-2015 Benefits of Transportation Investments: How You Measure Matters Sage, Jeremy L. PDF (109 KB)
Aug-2015 Economics of Agricultural Contract Grower Protection Legislation Wu, Steven Y.; MacDonald, James PDF (113 KB)
Aug-2015 Making the transition to organic: ten farm profiles DiGiacomo, Gigi; King, Robert P. PDF (1964 KB)
Aug-2015 Trends in Agricultural Contracts MacDonald, James M. PDF (172 KB)
Aug-2015 Theme Overview: Current Issues in Agricultural Contracts Vassalos, Michael PDF (74 KB)
Aug-2015 Constrained Market Pricing and Revenue Adequacy: Regulatory Implications for Shippers and Class I U.S. Freight Railroads McCullough, Gerard J. PDF (578 KB)
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