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2103 Does E-Commerce Help Agricultural Markets? The Case of MarketMaker Carpio, Carlos E.; Isengildina-Massa, Olga; Lamie, R. David; Zapata, Samuel D. PDF (828 KB)
Nov-2102 Analysis of Farmers’ Perceptions of the Effects of Climate Change in Kenya: The Case of Kyuso District Ndambiri, H. K.; Ritho, C.; Mbogoh, S.G.; Nyangweso, P.M.; Ng’ang’a, S. I.; Muiruri, E. J.; Kipsat, M. J.; Kubowon, P. C.; Cherotwo, F. H.; Omboto, P. I. PDF (1170 KB)
Nov-2014 Energy and Environmental Issues and Policy in China Zhang, ZhongXiang PDF (1639 KB)
17-Apr-2014 Directional Volatility Spillovers between Agricultural, Crude Oil, Real Estate and other Financial Markets Grosche, Stephanie; Heckelei, Thomas; Heckelei, Thomas PDF Discussion paper 2014:4 (649 KB)
4-Apr-2014 Social Networks and Restaurant Choice Richards, Timothy J.; Tiwari, Ashutosh PDF (186 KB)
3-Apr-2014 Effects of Peers on Agricultural Productivity in Rural Northern India Songsermsawas, Tisorn; Baylis, Kathy; Chhatre, Ashwini PDF (2336 KB)
3-Apr-2014 Consumer Attention, Engagement, and Market Shares: Evidence from the Carbonated Soft Drinks Market Liu, Yizao; Rui, Huaxia PDF (496 KB)
3-Apr-2014 NOWCASTING OBESITY IN THE U.S. USING Sarigul, Sercan; Rui, Huaxia PDF (1532 KB)
3-Apr-2014 The Evolution of the California Blueberry Industry: Plakias, Zoe PDF (1714 KB)
Apr-2014 Risk Attitudes, Social Interactions and the Adoption of Yu, Xi; Hailu, Getu; Cao, Jessica PDF (503 KB)
Apr-2014 Cognitive Dissonance, Conrmatory Bias and Inadequate Cao, Ying; Just, David R.; Wansink, Brian PDF (972 KB)
Apr-2014 Welfare Effects of Vegetable Commercialization: Evidence from Smallholder Producers in Kenya Muriithi, Beatrice; Matz, Julia PDF (413 KB)
Apr-2014 Unraveling Demand for Dairy-Alternative Beverages in the United States: The Case of Soymilk Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF (246 KB)
Apr-2014 Events as boosters of the regional economy Krammer, Laurey-Anne; Heijman, Wim PDF (568 KB)
Apr-2014 From mass production to a genuine rural experience economy: the case of the Villány wine region in Hungary Kovács, Dezső PDF (706 KB)
Apr-2014 Where to put the focus in rural development? Changing the focus from funding to learning Katona Kovács, Judit PDF (718 KB)
Apr-2014 Female unemployment trends in rural areas of Poland in 2008-2012 Rakowska, Joanna PDF (746 KB)
Apr-2014 Economic crisis and labour force transition to inactivity: a comparative study in German rural and urban areas Unay Gailhard, ilkay; Kataria, Karin PDF (624 KB)
Apr-2014 Modelling of cereal and oilseed crop production in Bulgaria in the context of policy changes Ivanov, Bozhidar; Sokolova, Emilia PDF (724 KB)
Apr-2014 The 2013 Common Agricultural Policy reform and its impact on small ruminant farming in Austria Hambrusch, Josef PDF (1095 KB)
Apr-2014 The reflexive relationship between local land markets and farmers’ strategies in Germany Margarian, Anne PDF (817 KB)
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