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Dec-2016 Fraction Distribution and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soils around the Mining Area in Zhijin JIA, Yaqi; YANG, Zhen; GENG, Dan; DENG, Qin; WU, Di PDF Main paper (2244 KB)
24-Oct-2016 Monthly Marketing Review, Vol. 7, No. 6 - PDF (4481 KB)
19-Oct-2016 Projections of Irrigated Acreage and Water Requirements for Western Water Resource Regions Ruttan, V.W. PDF (8317 KB)
11-Oct-2016 Interest rates and structural shocks in European transition economies Mirdala, Rajmund PDF (494 KB)
11-Oct-2016 (In)efficiency of auctions with the asymmetry of rights Kuśmierczyk, Paweł PDF (703 KB)
11-Oct-2016 Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium interceptions and eradications in Australia and around the world Day, Cheryl; White, Ben PDF WP1609, Day and White, Khapra beetle interceptions and eradications (711 KB)
Oct-2016 Beginning Farmer Policy Options for the Next Farm Bill Obudzinski, Juli PDF (727 KB)
Oct-2016 Paternalisme et choix alimentaires Marette, Stephan PDF Main paper (192 KB)
Oct-2016 Theme Overview: Addressing the Challenges of Entry into Farming Ahearn, Mary Clare PDF (708 KB)
Oct-2016 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program – Accomplishments in the Making Auburn, Jill S.; Ebodaghe, Denis; Rucker-Ross, Desiree K.; Dean, Wesley R. PDF (1210 KB)
Oct-2016 Eco-certified contract choice among coffee farmers in Brazil Lemeilleur, Sylvaine; Subervie, Julie; Presoto, Anderson Edilson; de Castro Souza, Roberta; Macchione Saes, Maria Sylvia PDF (709 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Economic Valuation of Mountain Landscapes and Ecosystems: A Meta-Analysis of Case Studies Žáková Kroupová, Zdenka; Havlíková, M.; Hálová, P.; Malý, M. PDF (291 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Estimation of Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Crop Water Requirements Using Cropwat Software in Ksar-Chellala Region, Algeria Laouisset, M. B.; Dellal, A. PDF (723 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Firm Size as a Determinant of Firm Performance: The Case of Swine Raising Kuncová, M.; Hedija, V.; Fiala, R. PDF (580 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Identification of Business Informatics Specifics in Agricultural Enterprises Kubata, K.; Šimek, P. PDF (350 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Analysis of Open Data Availability in Czech Republic Agrarian Sector Jarolímek, J.; Martinec, R. PDF (1571 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Variational Online Budgeting Taking into Account the Priorities of Expense Items Ilyin, A. V.; Ilyin, V. D. PDF (832 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Trade Impacts of Selected Free Trade Agreements on Agriculture: The Case of Selected North African Countries Hndi, B. M.; Maitah, M.; Mustofa, J. PDF (2199 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Technical Efficiency and Technology Gap in Indonesian Rice Farming Haryanto, T.; Talib, B. A.; Salleh, N. H. M. PDF (333 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Smallholder Maize Farmers’ Food Consumption Expenditures in Ghana: The Mediating Role of Commercialization Asante, S. B.; Osei-Asare, Y. B.; Kuwornu, J. K. M. PDF (1071 KB)
30-Sep-2016 “Feed Assist”- An Expert System on Balanced Feeding for Dairy Animals Angadi, U. B.; Anandan, S.; Gowda, N. K. S.; Rajendran, D.; Devi, L.; Elangovan, A. V.; Jash, S. PDF Main paper (1406 KB)
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