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Designing Regulatory Policies for Complex Externalities: The Case of Agricultural Pollution Kampas, Athanasios; Melfou, Katerina; Aftab, Ashar PDF (812 KB)
2105 Technical and Scale Efficiency in the Italian Citrus Farming: Comparison between SFA and DEA Approaches Madau, Fabio A. PDF (304 KB)
2105 Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Country of Origin Labeled Product in Istanbul Zulug, Aslı; Miran, Bülent; Tsakiridou, Efthimia PDF (624 KB)
2102 Estimating input allocation from heterogeneous data sources: A comparison of alternative estimation approaches Louhichi, Kamel; Jacquet, Florence; Butault, Jean Pierre PDF (297 KB)
2018 Generational Shadow in Farming Business: How Does It Affect the Succession Process? Wang, Youzhi; Delgado, Michael S.; Marshall, Maria I.; Dobbins, Craig L. PDF tentative paper (781 KB)
Aug-2017 Market power rents and climate change mitigation: a rationale for coal taxes? Richter, Phillip M.; Mendelevitch, Roman; Jotzo, Frank PDF (6740 KB)
22-Mar-2017 The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Increasing Food Production and the Productivity of Agriculture for the US and Worldwide Debertin, David PDF Main paper and executive summary (543 KB)
22-Mar-2017 A Novel Approach to Estimating the Demand Value of Road Safety Rheinberger, Christoph M.; Schläpfer, Felix; Lobsiger, Michael PDF (1782 KB)
22-Mar-2017 Welfare as Simple(x) Equity Equivalents Berger, Loïc; Emmerling, Johannes PDF (1098 KB)
22-Mar-2017 A Simple Framework for Climate-Change Policy under Model Uncertainty Athanasoglou, Stergios; Bosetti, Valentina; Drouet, Laurent PDF (1334 KB)
22-Mar-2017 What Factors Affect the Competiveness of Power Generation Sector in China? An Analysis Based on Game Cross-efficiency Xie, Bai-Chen; Gao, Jie; Zhang, Shuang; Zhang, ZhongXiang PDF (1297 KB)
22-Mar-2017 Extending the Public Sector in the ICES Model with an Explicit Government Institution Delpiazzo, Elisa; Parrado, Ramiro; Standardi, Gabriele PDF (1371 KB)
14-Mar-2017 A POLÍTICA DE CONTINGENCIAMENTO DE FERTILIZANTES NO BRASIL: UMA ANÁLISE ESPACIAL Oliveira, Antonio Jorge de; Sugai, Yoshihiko; Vilas, Andrês Troncoso; Teixeira Filho, A. R. PDF (793 KB)
7-Mar-2017 Expert judgements and public values: preference heterogeneity for protecting ecology in the Swan River, Western Australia Rogers, Abbie A.; Burton, Michael P.; Cleland, Jonelle A.; Rolfe, John; Meeuwig, Jessica J.; Pannell, David J. PDF Main paper (715 KB)
6-Mar-2017 - -
3-Mar-2017 Wind, Storage, Interconnection and the Cost of Electricity Generation Di Cosmo, Valeria; Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura PDF (1268 KB)
3-Mar-2017 Temperature Anomalies, Radiative Forcing and ENSO Morana, Claudio; Sbrana, Giacomo PDF (1173 KB)
3-Mar-2017 Freight Futures: The Potential Impact of Road Freight on Climate Policy Carrara, Samuel; Longden, Thomas PDF (1334 KB)
3-Mar-2017 System Integration of Wind and Solar Power in Integrated Assessment Models: a Cross-model Evaluation of New Approaches Pietzcker, Robert C.; Ueckerdt, Falko; Carrara, Samuel; de Boer, Harmen Sytze; Després, Jacques; Fujimori, Shinichiro; Johnson, Nils; Kitous, Alban; Scholz, Yvonne; Sullivan, Patrick; Luderer, Gunnar PDF (2013 KB)
3-Mar-2017 Statistical and Economic Evaluation of Time Series Models for Forecasting Arrivals at Call Centers Bastianin, Andrea; Galeotti, Marzio; Manera, Matteo PDF (769 KB)
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