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2104 Foot and mouth disease economic impact assessment on production, export losses and eradication expenditure Forbes, Rod; van Halderen, Andre PDF (535 KB)
Dec-2016 Evaluation of Crop Insurance Choices for Cotton Producers under the 2014 Farm Bill Luitel, Kishor; Knight, Thomas; Hudson, Darren PDF Main paper (572 KB)
2016 Assessing China's Potential Surge on Demand for Grain Sorghum Wang, Haiyan; Malaga, Jaime PDF main paper (349 KB)
Nov-2015 Asia-Pacific Integration with China vs. the United States: Examining trade patterns under heterogeneous agricultural sectors Heerman, Kari E.R.; Arita, Shawn; Gopinath, Munisamy PDF (1072 KB)
3-Feb-2015 The Economic Impact of Hybrid Rice in the Mid-South Lanier, Nalley; Jesse, Tack PDF (391 KB)
2-Feb-2015 Dynamics of Price Volatility in the China-U.S. Hog Industries Chen, Rong Jr; Zapata, Hector O. Jr PDF Main paper (801 KB)
2-Feb-2015 Economic Feasibility Analysis of Tail-water Recovery Systems in the Mississippi Delta Falconer, Lawrence; Lewis, Andrew; Krutz, Jason PDF Main Paper (235 KB)
1-Feb-2015 The Financial Benefits of Marketing Feeder Cattle through the Use of Group Sales Hopkins, Adan; Roberts, Jason; Mehlhorn, Joey; Parrott, Scott PDF 2015SAEAFeederCattlePaper (385 KB)
Feb-2015 House Value, Crime and Residential Location Choice ZHANG, ZHAOHUA; HITE, DIANE PDF MAIN PAPER (480 KB)
Feb-2015 Efficiency of U.S. Grass-Fed Beef Farms Bhandari, Basu Deb; Gillespie, Jeffrey; Scaglia, Guillermo PDF Main paper (199 KB)
Feb-2015 Understanding International Milk Price Relationships Carvalho, Glauco R.; Bessler, David; Hemme, Torsten; Schröer-Merker, Eva PDF Main paper (601 KB)
23-Jan-2015 - -
20-Jan-2015 Capital-embodied Technologies in CGE Models Lennox, James; Parrado, Ramiro PDF (773 KB)
20-Jan-2015 The Effects of Expert Selection, Elicitation Design, and R&D Assumptions on Experts’ Estimates of the Future Costs of Photovoltaics Verdolini, Elena; Diaz Anadon, Laura; Lu, Jiaqi; Nemet, Gregory F. PDF (1382 KB)
20-Jan-2015 The Brunt of Oil Demand and US-Dollar Exchange Rate: Evidence From Net-Oil Importing Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sene, Seydina; Mishra, Dr. Ashok PDF SAEA SELECTED WORKING PAPER (948 KB)
16-Jan-2015 The Rebound Effect and Energy Efficiency Policy Gillingham, Kenneth; Wagner, Gernot; Rapson, David PDF (1874 KB)
16-Jan-2015 - -
16-Jan-2015 The Impacts of Compulsory Crop Insurance in the Brazilian Dairy Sector Carvalho, Glauco R.; Costa, Rafael PDF (3421 KB)
16-Jan-2015 Trade Liberalization, Selection, and Productivity in a Supply Managed Economy Chernoff, Alex W. PDF (314 KB)
16-Jan-2015 How Does Stock Market Volatility React to Oil Shocks? Bastianin, Andrea; Manera, Matteo PDF (1718 KB)
15-Jan-2015 Spatial Analysis and Implications of Cross-county Food and Retail Sectors in Virginia Upendram, Sreedhar; Odeh, Oluwarotimi; Wibowo, Rulianda PDF Spatial Analysis and Retail Trade SAEA 2015 (1016 KB)
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