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Aug-2017 Market power rents and climate change mitigation: a rationale for coal taxes? Richter, Phillip M.; Mendelevitch, Roman; Jotzo, Frank PDF (6740 KB)
18-Feb-2017 A Hedonic Analysis of Feeder Cattle Auction Prices in Northeast Texas Lopez, Jose; Bankole, Taiwo; Wahrmund, Jackie PDF Main Paper (542 KB)
4-Feb-2017 U.S. BROILER, TURKEY AND TOTAL POULTRY SUPPLY RESPONSE TO CORN FEED PRICES Hussein, Ahmed; Tyler, Mark; Saghaian, Sayed PDF (1286 KB)
Feb-2017 The Taste for Variety: Demand Analysis for Nut Products in the United States Cheng, Guo; Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral Jr PDF Main paper (184 KB)
Feb-2017 Measuring Prevalence, Profiling and Evaluating the Potential of Policy Impacts using Two Food Security Indicators in Guatemala Sandoval, Luis; Carpio, Carlos E PDF (834 KB)
Feb-2017 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Tennessee Certified Beef Merritt, Meagan; Lewis, Karen; Griffith, Andrew; Jensen, Kimberly PDF SAEA main paper (876 KB)
17-Jan-2017 Honduran Coffee Trade: Economic Effects of Fair Trade Certification On Individual Producers Herrell, Kevin M.; Tewari, Rachna; Mehlhorn, Joey PDF Main Paper (415 KB)
17-Jan-2017 Financial Performance Analysis of Corn-based Ethanol Enterprises in the 1 U.S. Bacho, Allan; Murova, Olga PDF Main paper (598 KB)
16-Jan-2017 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Agricultural Price Index in China: A FAVAR Approach Tan, Ying; Sha, Wenbiao; Paudel, Krishna Microsoft Word (493 KB)
12-Jan-2017 Developing an Institutional Political Economy Framework Integrating Firms, Markets, and States Moon, Wanki PDF Manuscript for 2017 SAEA meeting (381 KB)
5-Jan-2017 Cultivos leñosos en Aragón: evaluación económica de una eventual prohibición del glifosato Martínez, Yolanda; Pardo, Gabriel PDF (749 KB)
5-Jan-2017 Tax neutrality in determining farmers’ incomes; an issue that needs to be resolved Marí-Vida, Sergio; Campos-Campillo, Ernesto PDF (1146 KB)
5-Jan-2017 A critical review of multi-criteria decision making in protected areas de Castro, Mónica; Urios, Vicente PDF (897 KB)
5-Jan-2017 Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures in agri-food imports from the European Union: Reputation effects over time Taghouti, Ibtissem; Martinez-Gomez, Victor; Marti, Luisa PDF (1146 KB)
5-Jan-2017 Implicaciones de la disminución de la capacidad productiva de granos básicos sobre la alimentación en comunidades rurales pobres de México Quintero Peralta, María Angélica; Gallardo Cobos, Rosa María; Ceña Delgado, Felisa PDF (1496 KB)
5-Jan-2017 Capacidades dinámicas en el proceso de internacionalización de las empresas de distribución de productos agroalimentarios Calderón García, Haydee; Kolbe, Diana PDF (966 KB)
Jan-2017 Young Food Consumers: How do Children Respond to Point-of-Purchase Interventions? Cash, Sean B.; McAlister, Anna R. PDF (561 KB)
Jan-2017 Gender and its impact on business owner satisfaction in family farms Li, Wenxuan; Marshall, Maria I. PDF (1349 KB)
Jan-2017 Consumer Demand for Nut Products in the United States: Application of Semi-parametric Estimation of Censored Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System (C-QUAIDS) with Household-Level Micro Data Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral Jr PDF SAEA Selected Paper (104 KB)
Jan-2017 Local Food Production and Farm to School Expenditures O'Hara, Jeffrey K.; Benson, Matthew PDF (197 KB)
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