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Aug-2014 Factors Affecting Producer Participation in State-sponsored Marketing Programs: The Case of Fruit and Vegetable Growers in Tennessee Velandia, Margarita; Clark, Christopher D.; Lambert, Dayton M.; Davis, James A.; Jensen, Kimberly; Wszelaki, Annette; Wilcox, Michael D. Jr. PDF (240 KB)
Aug-2014 Family-forest Owners’ Willingness to Harvest Sawlogs and Woody Biomass: The Effect of Price on Social Availability Aguilar, Francisco X.; Daniel, Marissa “Jo”; Cai, Zhen PDF (970 KB)
Aug-2014 Overheating Willingness to Pay: Who Gets Warm Glow and What It Means for Valuation Interis, Matthew G.; Haab, Timothy C. PDF (206 KB)
Aug-2014 The Role of Confidence in Truthful Revelation of Private Values Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Nowell, Clifford PDF (393 KB)
Aug-2014 What Interests Environmental and Resource Economists? A Comparison of Research Output in Agricultural Economics versus Environmental Economics Grijalva, Therese C.; Nowell, Clifford PDF (205 KB)
Aug-2014 Ethanol, the Agricultural Economy, and Rural Incomes in the United States: A Bivariate Econometric Approach Akinfenwa, Samson O.; Qasmi, Bashir A. PDF (421 KB)
Aug-2014 Table of Contents and Front Matter - PDF (129 KB)
Aug-2014 ARER 43/2 Cover - PDF (152 KB)
Aug-2014 Exploring the Implications of Oil Prices for Global Biofuels, Food Security, and GHG Mitigation Cai, Yongxia; Beach, Robert H.; Zhang, Yuquan PDF main paper (546 KB)
29-Jul-2014 The Implications of Market Structure for Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulation Spurlock, C. Anna PDF (995 KB)
29-Jul-2014 The Effects of Country of Origin Image and Patriotism on British Consumers' Preference for Domestic and Imported Beef Meas, Thong; Hu, Wuyang; Grebitus, Carola; Colson, Gregory J. PDF Main Paper (439 KB)
28-Jul-2014 Explaining the Shift from Preserved to Fresh Vegetable Consumption Ferrier, Peyton; Zhen, Chen PDF (1343 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Heteroscedasticity and Estimation of Agricultural Debt Zhang, Lisha; Moss, Charles B PDF (635 KB)
27-Jul-2014 The Role of Domestic Production in Import Demand Analysis Zhang, Lisha; Seale, James L. Jr. PDF (461 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Does the absence of demand side variability in stochastic partial equilibrium modeling bias outcomes? Facts and evidence from Brazil Debnath, Deepayan; Thompson, Wyatt; Westhoff, Patrick; Gerlt, Scott PDF (666 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Long term consequences of changing global food consumption patterns on U.S. agricultural commodity export demand Debnath, Deepayan; Thompson, Wyatt; Helmar, Michael; Julian, Binfield PDF Research Paper (672 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Consumer attitudes toward the use of gene technology in functional breakfast grain product: Comparison between college students from US and China Wang, Nanying; Houston, Jack; Colson, Gregory J.; Liu, Zimin PDF Poster (597 KB), PDF Cover page (7 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Perennial Supply – Substitution in Bearing Acreage Decisions Tozer, Peter R.; Marsh, Thomas L.; Jiang, Xiaojiao PDF Poster with title page (756 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Private and Government Food Safety Monitoring: Theory and Evidence from Dairy Sector in Kyrgyzstan Saak, Alexander PDF poster (165 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Multivariate Farm Debt Imputation in the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) Morehart, Mitch; Milkove, Dan; Xu, Yang PDF Poster draft (1735 KB)
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