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The European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): Ex-Post Analysis, the Market Stability Reserve and Options for a Comprehensive Reform Knopf, Brigitte; Koch, Nicolas; Grosjean, Godefroy; Fuss, Sabine; Flachsland, Christian; Pahle, Michael; Jakob, Michael; Edenhofer, Ottmar PDF (1341 KB)
25-Sep-2014 Structural Changes and the Rural Society Town of Dryden and Tompkins County, New York, 1925-1980 Bratton, C.A. PDF (1529 KB)
24-Sep-2014 - -
24-Sep-2014 - -
23-Sep-2014 - -
23-Sep-2014 Northeast Vegetable Industry Situation and Outlook How, R. Brian PDF (1092 KB)
22-Sep-2014 Urban Food Consumption Patterns in Uganda Oloya, J.J.; Poleman, T.T. PDF (949 KB)
22-Sep-2014 Farm Labor Management: Home Study Course Bratton, C.A.; Eschler, R.E.; Field, G.C.; How, R.B.; Maloney, T.R.; Quinn, W.M. PDF (6039 KB)
19-Sep-2014 Simple Interest Amortization Tables for Installment Sales Tauer, Loren W. PDF (265 KB)
16-Sep-2014 El acuerdo marco de la OMC en favor de un comercio agricola mas justo Europea, Comision PDF (210 KB)
16-Sep-2014 Política Hidráulica e intervención estatal en España (1880-1936): una visión interdisciplinar Gonzalez, Josep Joan PDF (82 KB)
16-Sep-2014 Reaping the Carbon Rent: Abatement and Overallocation Profits in the European Cement Industry, Insights from an LMDI Decomposition Analysis Branger, Frédéric; Quirion, Philippe PDF (2237 KB)
15-Sep-2014 Comparison of County ARC and SCO Gerlt, Scott; Westhoff, Patrick PDF (164 KB)
15-Sep-2014 Costs and Returns for the Turkey Enterprise, 1943 Misner, E.G. PDF (1781 KB)
15-Sep-2014 Los aranceles, la política de comercio exterior y la estabilidad de la agricultura española (1870-1914) Martinez, Domingo Gallego PDF (1285 KB)
15-Sep-2014 Sharing of Climate Risks across World Regions Emmerling, Johannes PDF (1832 KB)
12-Sep-2014 Delineating Spring Recharge Areas in a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer (Luxembourg) Based on Pesticide Mass Balance Farlin, Julien; Drouet, Laurent; Gallé, T.; Pittois, D.; Bayerle, M.; Braun, C.; Maloszewski, P.; Vanderborght, J.; Elsner, M.; Kies, A. PDF (2091 KB)
10-Sep-2014 Employment Implications of Exporting Processed U.S. Agricultural Products Blandford, David; Boisvert, Richard N. PDF (877 KB)
10-Sep-2014 The Impact of Str4uctural Change on Potential Instability in the World Wheat Market Schwartz, Nancy E.; Blandford, David PDF (527 KB)
10-Sep-2014 The EU-Turkey Energy Relations After the 2014 Ukraine Crisis. Enhancing The Partnership in a Rapidly Changing Environment Tagliapietra, Simone PDF (1896 KB)
9-Sep-2014 A User's Guide for Two Programs to Estimate and Analyze the Multinomial Logit Allocation Model Tyrrell, Tim PDF (2018 KB)
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