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2104 Foot and mouth disease economic impact assessment on production, export losses and eradication expenditure Forbes, Rod; van Halderen, Andre PDF (535 KB)
Dec-2016 Evaluation of Crop Insurance Choices for Cotton Producers under the 2014 Farm Bill Luitel, Kishor; Knight, Thomas; Hudson, Darren PDF Main paper (572 KB)
2016 Assessing China's Potential Surge on Demand for Grain Sorghum Wang, Haiyan; Malaga, Jaime PDF main paper (349 KB)
Nov-2015 Asia-Pacific Integration with China vs. the United States: Examining trade patterns under heterogeneous agricultural sectors Heerman, Kari E.R.; Arita, Shawn; Gopinath, Munisamy PDF (1072 KB)
27-Feb-2015 - -
27-Feb-2015 Identifying the Link Between Coastal Tourism and Marine Ecosystems in the Baltic, North Sea, and Mediterranean Countries Otrachshenko, Vladimir; Bosello, Francesco PDF (776 KB)
27-Feb-2015 The Impact of Ambiguity Prudence on Insurance and Prevention Berger, Loïc PDF (917 KB)
23-Feb-2015 Municipal Waste Selection and Disposal: Evidences from Lombardy Silvestri, Francesco; Ghinoi, Stefano PDF (694 KB)
23-Feb-2015 Revisiting Worst-case DEA for Composite Indicators Athanassoglou, Stergios PDF (1054 KB)
23-Feb-2015 Using Degree Days to Value Farmland Massetti, Emanuele; Mendelsohn, Robert; Chonabayashi, Shun PDF (1480 KB)
17-Feb-2015 The Unilateral Implementation of a Sustainable Growth Path with Directed Technical Change Van den Bijgaart, Inge PDF (832 KB)
17-Feb-2015 Farmers’ perceptions of foreign investment in Western Australian broadacre agriculture Stewart, Fraser; Kragt, Marit; Gibson, Fiona PDF SARE working paper 1502 (324 KB)
16-Feb-2015 European Natural Gas Seasonal Effects on Futures Hedging Martínez, Beatriz; Torró, Hipòlit PDF (2115 KB)
16-Feb-2015 Integrated Environmental Assessment of Future Energy Scenarios Based on Economic Equilibrium Models Igos, Elorri; Rugani, Benedetto; Rege, Sameer; Benetto, Enrico; Drouet, Laurent; Zachary, Dan; Haas, Tom PDF (1315 KB)
12-Feb-2015 - -
11-Feb-2015 - -
10-Feb-2015 Child Malnutrition, Agricultural Diversification and Commercialization among Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Zambia Mofya-Mukuka, Rhoda; Kulhgatz, Christian H. PDF (810 KB)
7-Feb-2015 Why Farm Support Persists: An Explanation Grounded in Congressional Political Economy Freshwater, David; Leising, Jordan D. PDF (993 KB)
5-Feb-2015 Does Africa Really Lack International Competitiveness? Comparisons between Africa and Asia Martin, Frederic; Calkins, Peter H.; Lariviere, Sylvain PDF (820 KB)
5-Feb-2015 Evaluación de la Concentración de Proteína y Metabolitos Libres en el Rio Estero Real y su Relación con los Parámetros Fisicoquímicos, en el Periodo Noviembre 2013 - Abril 2014. Vanegas Padilla, Eduardo Javier; Aguilar, Ariel José; Haroldo Argeñal Fonseca, Haroldo PDF Tesis Vanega Padilla (2816 KB)
4-Feb-2015 Water Flows in the Economy. An Input-output Framework to Assess Water Productivity in the Castile and León Region (Spain) Pérez Blanco, C. Dionisio; Thaler, Thomas PDF (1012 KB)
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