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Impact of agro-biodiversity on farmers’ income probability distribution Kobus, Paweł PDF (292 KB)
Heterogeneous impact of cooperative membership on farmers’ welfare in Rwanda Verhofstadt, Ellen; Maertens, Miet PDF (215 KB)
2022 Linking Natural Resources, Agriculture and Human HealthCase Studies from the East African Highlands: li-Pun, Hugo; Johann, B; Greiling, J; Gopalan, H; Jabbar, Mohammad; Mares, V PDF (67 KB)
27-Aug-2014 Directed Technical Change With Capital-Embodied Technologies: Implications For Climate Policy Lennox, James A.; Witajewski, Jan PDF (1975 KB)
26-Aug-2014 Energy Prices, Subsidies and Resource Tax Reform in China Zhang, ZhongXiang PDF (1375 KB)
25-Aug-2014 - -
25-Aug-2014 The Critical Mass Approach to Achieve a Deal on Green Goods and Services: What is on the Table? How Much to Expect? de Melo, Jaime; Vijil, Mariana PDF (1640 KB)
21-Aug-2014 - -
21-Aug-2014 Allowing for uncertain and asymmetric policy shocks: a CGE analysis of the impacts of on-shore wind farm developments in north east Scotland Phimister, Euan; Roberts, Deborah PDF (459 KB)
12-Aug-2014 A Reinterpretation of the Gordon and Barro Model in Terms of Financial Stability Beteo Wegner, Danilo Lopomo PDF Main Paper (199 KB)
Aug-2014 Cost Containment in the WIC Program: Vendor Peer Groups and Reimbursement Rates Volpe, Richard; Saitone, Tina; Sexton, Richard PDF (907 KB)
Aug-2014 Soil and crop management and biomass removal effects on soil organic matter content in Hungary Eleki, Krisztina; Cruse, Richard M.; Rogovska, Natalia; Fodor, László; Szabó, Lajos; Holló, Sandor PDF (609 KB)
Aug-2014 Romanian farm support: has European Union membership made a difference? Hubbard, Carmen; Luca, Lucien; Luca, Mihaela; Alexandri, Cecilia PDF (802 KB)
Aug-2014 Is the New Wine World more efficient? Factors influencing technical efficiency of wine production Tóth, József; Gál, Péter PDF (632 KB)
Aug-2014 The impact of ten years of European Union membership on Hungarian agricultural trade Hegedüs, Zsuzsanna; Kiss, Judit PDF (806 KB)
Aug-2014 Agri-food exports from European Union Member States using constant market share analysis Bojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre PDF (646 KB)
Aug-2014 From enthusiasm to scepticism: tourism cluster initiatives and rural development in Slovakia Székely, Vladimir PDF (891 KB)
Aug-2014 Labour adjustments in agriculture: evidence from Romania Tocco, Barbara; Davidova, Sophia; Bailey, Alastair PDF (661 KB)
Aug-2014 Shaping rural development research in Europe: acknowledging the interrelationships between agriculture, regional and ecological development Dax, Thomas PDF (959 KB)
Aug-2014 Creating sub-consortia as a means of counteracting changes to specification sheets: the case of Parmigiano Reggiano Sidali, Katia Laura; Sokoli, Olta; Scaramuzzi, Silvia; Dorr, Andrea Christina PDF (343 KB)
Aug-2014 Eroding U.S. Soybean Competitiveness and Market Shares: What Is the Road Ahead? Salin, Delmy; Agapi, Somwaru PDF (3326 KB)
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