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The forest-based sector and research – some thoughts on relevance and future prospects Hoen, H-F.; Roos, A.; Lönnstedt, L.; Nord, T.; Gong, P.; Stendahl, M. PDF (337 KB)
Jul-2017 Commodity Effects of Food Away From Home Binkley, James K.; Liu, Yuhang PDF Poster for AAEA 2015 (362 KB)
Dec-2016 Evaluation of Crop Insurance Choices for Cotton Producers under the 2014 Farm Bill Luitel, Kishor; Knight, Thomas; Hudson, Darren PDF Main paper (572 KB)
2016 Assessing China's Potential Surge on Demand for Grain Sorghum Wang, Haiyan; Malaga, Jaime E. PDF main paper (349 KB)
Nov-2015 Asia-Pacific Integration with China vs. the United States: Examining trade patterns under heterogeneous agricultural sectors Heerman, Kari E.R.; Arita, Shawn; Gopinath, Munisamy PDF (1072 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Effects of Typical Assumptions on the Measurement of the Upstream Transmission of Checkoff Program Benefits Lee, Sang Hyeon; Williams, Gary W. PDF Poster presentation (748 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Is Money Neutral for Agriculture? Dorfman, Jeffrey H. PDF AAEA 2015 poster (497 KB)
Jul-2015 The Effects of R&D on Agricultural Productivity of Australian Broadacre Agriculture: A Semiparametric Smooth Coefficient Approach Khan, Farid; Salim, Ruhul PDF Main Paper (625 KB)
Jul-2015 Gender Differential in Profitability and other Aspects of Smallholder Soybeans Production in Eastern Province, Zambia Mafimisebi, Taiwo E.; Chibalani, Cletus; Yerokun, Olusegun A.; Syampaku, Edward S. PDF Main paper (452 KB)
Jul-2015 Cost Incurred and Margins Secured across the Value Chain for Beef in the Southern Province of Zambia Mafimisebi, Taiwo E.; Katewa, Benny C.; Yerokun, Olusegun A.; Syampaku, Edward S. PDF Main paper (601 KB)
Jul-2015 A Multiple Indictor-Multiple Causation Analysis of Pasture Management and Prescribed Grazing Practices By Beef Cattle Operators Oliver, Kristen; Jensen, Kimberly; Lambert, Dayton; Clark, Christopher PDF (603 KB)
Jul-2015 Sustainable path of extraction of groundwater for irrigation and Whither Jevons paradox in hard rock areas of India Patil, Kiran Kumar R; Chandrakanth, MG; Bhat, Mahadev G; Manjunatha, AV PDF (620 KB)
Jul-2015 Consumer preference and willingness to pay for fish farmed in treated wastewater in Ghana Gebrezgabher, Solomie A.; Amewu, Sena; Amoah, Philip PDF (1105 KB)
Jul-2015 India’s Experience of Plant Variety Protection: Trends, Determinants and Impact Venkatesh, P.; Sangeetha, V.; Pal, Suresh PDF (856 KB)
Jul-2015 Randomized Control Trial of a Risk-Free Purchase for Inorganic Fertilizer in Uganda Adong, Annet PDF (1442 KB)
Jul-2015 Duration Analysis of Technology Adoption in Bangladeshi Agriculture Ahsanuzzaman, Ahsanuzzaman PDF (570 KB)
5-Jun-2015 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy: A Meta-Regression Analysis Ma, Chunbo; Rogers, Abbie A.; Kragt, Marit E.; Zhang, Fan; Polyakov, Maksym; Gibson, Fiona; Chalak, Morteza; Pandit, Ram; Tapsuwan, Sorada PDF Working paper 1509 Meta Regression Renewable Energy (345 KB)
27-May-2015 Survival of the Fittest: Export Duration and Failure in U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Markets Peterson, Everett; Grant, Jason; Rudi, Jeta PDF Selected Paper 6884 (205 KB)
22-May-2015 Fuelwood Source Substitution and Shadow Prices in Western Kenya Murphy, David M. A.; Berazneva, Julia; Lee, David R. PDF Fuelwood Paper (427 KB)
22-May-2015 CO2 Intensity and the Importance of Country Level Differences: An Analysis of the Relationship Between per Capita Emissions and Population Density Longden, Thomas PDF (1419 KB)
21-May-2015 The Marginal Abatement Cost of Carbon Emissions in China Ma, Chunbo; Hailu, Atakelty PDF Ma and Hailu, WP1511 (376 KB)
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