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15-Nov-2015 Efectos de la ineficiencia técnica ambiental en la calidad del agua del Estero Real: Caso Nicaragua. Aguilar, Ariel Jose; Osorio Urtecho, Kahteriane del Rosario; Prado Olivares, Mariela del Socorro; Zuniga-Gonzalez, Carlos Alberto; Dios-Palomares, Rafaela; Sierra-Figuereo, Pablo; Quiros Madrigal, Olman Jose; Universitaria, Editorial PDF Vol 5 Num (2) 17_32 (4450 KB)
1-Oct-2015 Livestock Forage Disaster Program Payments Increase in 2014 Covey, Theodore; Kuhns, Ryan PDF (359 KB)
23-Sep-2015 - -
15-Sep-2015 The Effect of the Spanish Reconquest on Iberian Cities Cuberes, David; González-Val, Rafael PDF (1461 KB)
14-Sep-2015 The Structure of South Dakota Agriculture: 1935-2012 Brown, Henry; Janssen, Larry; Diersen, Matthew; Van der Sluis, Evert PDF Main paper (1153 KB)
11-Sep-2015 Directed Technological Change and Energy Efficiency Improvements Witajewski-Baltvilks, Jan; Verdolini, Elena; Tavoni, Massimo PDF (1822 KB)
9-Sep-2015 - -
7-Sep-2015 The Role of Outliers and Oil Price Shocks on Volatility of Metal Prices Behmiri, Niaz Bashiri; Manera, Matteo PDF (1680 KB)
3-Sep-2015 Effects of stocking densities on growth and survival of Thai Sharpunti (Barbonymus gonionotus) in earthen ponds Mollah, M.F.A; Moniruzzaman, M.; Rahman, M.M PDF (101 KB)
2-Sep-2015 - -
2-Sep-2015 Levelling the Playing Field: On the Missing Role of Network Externality in Designing Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Policies Jin, Wei; Zhang, ZhongXiang PDF (2289 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Farmers’ Choice of Marketing Strategy: A Study of New Zealand Lamb Producers Bensemann, Jessica; Shadbolt, Nicola; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (444 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Assessing Environmental Management of Tomato Production under Protected Agriculture Padilla-Bernal, Luz E.; Lara-Herrera, Alfredo; Reyes-Rivas, Elivier; González-Hernández, J. Roberto; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (231 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Farmers’ Preferences for Management Options as Payment for Environmental Services Scheme Kisaka, Lily; Obi, Ajuruchukwu; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (397 KB)
1-Sep-2015 An Analysis of the Decision Structure for Food Innovation on the Basis of Consumer Age Barrenar, Ramo; García, Teresa; Camarena, María; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (321 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Capturing Consumer Preferences for Value Chain Improvements in the Mango Industry of Pakistan Badar, Hammad; Ariyawardana, Anoma; Collins, Ray; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (252 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Determinants of Profit Efficiency Among Smallholder Beef Producers in Botswana Bahta, Sirak; Baker, Derek; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (835 KB)
1-Sep-2015 An Economic Exploration of Smallholder Value Chains: Coffee Transactions in Chiapas, Mexico Luna, Fátima; Wilson, Paul N.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (761 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Rethinking Entry Mode Choice of Agro-Exporters: The Effect of the Internet Serrano, Raúl; Acero, Isabel; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (298 KB)
1-Sep-2015 An Empirical Analysis of Wholesale Cheese Pricing Practices o Bolotova, Yuliya V.; Novakovic, Andrew M.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (676 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Sustainability Certification and Palm Oil Smallholders’ Livelihood: A Comparison between Scheme Smallholders and Independent Smallholders in Indonesia Hidayat, Kurniawati Nia; Glasbergen, Pieter; Offermans, Astrid; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (321 KB)
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