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Dec-2015 Evaluation of Crop Insurance Choices for Cotton Producers under the 2014 Farm Bill Luitel, Kishor; Knight, Thomas; Hudson, Darren PDF Main paper (572 KB)
18-Aug-2015 Nonfarm Work and Fertilizer Use Among Smallholder Farmers in Kenya: A Cross-Crop Comparison Smale, Melinda; Mathenge, Mary K.; Opiyo, Joseph PDF (610 KB)
30-Jul-2015 A Functional Approach to Test Trending Volatility: Evidence of Trending Volatility in the Price of Mexican Agricultural Products Guerrero-Escobar, Santiago; Hernandez-Del Valle, Gerardo; Juarez-Torres, Miriam PDF Poster: A Functional Approach to Test Trending Volatility: Evidence of Trending Volatility in the Price of Mexican Agricultural Products (794 KB)
28-Jul-2015 Adaptive Behavior of U.S. Farms to Climate and Risk Sung, Jae-hoon; Miranowski, John A. PDF pdf (291 KB)
27-Jul-2015 Long‐Lived Working Animals As Capital Assets Ball, Eldon; Soloveichik, Rachel; Mosheim, Roberto PDF (1782 KB)
27-Jul-2015 Food-safety test performance and public disclosure: The value of information in encouraging improvements in food safety in the chicken-slaughter industry Ollinger, Michael; Bovay, John; Hrdlicka, Megan; Wilkus, James PDF (1215 KB)
26-Jul-2015 An Economic Approach to Measuring the Impacts of Higher Temperatures on Wildfire Size in the Western United States Wood, Dallas PDF (694 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Learning about a Moving Target in Resource Management: Optimal Bayesian Disease Control MacLachlan, Matthew J.; Springborn, Michael R.; Fackler, Paul L. PDF Cover letter and poster (1953 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Is irrigated farm is more efficient than non-irrigated non-tillage farm and non-irrigated conventional farm for a sample of Kansas corn farmer? Wibowo, Rulianda P.; Featherstone, Allen M. PDF Poster presentation (561 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Disentangling the Links between Energy and Agricultural Markets: The Shale Gas Phenomenon Pérez-Domínguez, Ignacio; Araujo-Enciso, Sergio-René; Santini, Fabien PDF Abstract and Conclusions of the paper, paper not to be published yet and sent by email (21 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Effects of Typical Assumptions on the Measurement of the Upstream Transmission of Checkoff Program Benefits Lee, Sang Hyeon; Williams, Gary W. PDF Poster presentation (748 KB)
26-Jul-2015 Is Money Neutral for Agriculture? Dorfman, Jeffrey H. PDF AAEA 2015 poster (497 KB)
Jul-2015 Minnesota Applied Economist 726, Summer 2015 Runge, C. Ford; Johnson, Justin; Brendalen, Sadie; Homans, Frances PDF (2005 KB)
Jul-2015 Economically Optimal Timing of Insect Control in Food Processing Facilities: An Options Approach Duan, Suling; Adam, Brian PDF cover page and poster (231 KB)
Jul-2015 A guide to heterogeneity features captured by parametric and nonparametric mixing distributions for the mixed logit model Yuan, Yuan; You, Wen; Boyle, Kevin J. PDF Paper (231 KB)
Jul-2015 Biomass Contracts for Ethanol Production: The Role of Farmer’s Risk Preferences Wamisho, Kassu; De Laporte, Aaron; Ripplinger, David PDF Paper (391 KB)
Jul-2015 Improving the reliability of self-reported attribute non-attendance behaviour through the use of polytomous attendance scales Yuan, Yuan; You, Wen; Boyle, Kevin J. PDF Poster (1229 KB)
Jul-2015 Water Quality Improvements in Florida: A Benefits Transfer Valuation Approach Alvarez, Sergio; Asci, Serhat PDF (1938 KB)
Jul-2015 Rice Seed Choices, Adoption, and Practices Brown, Rachael; McBride, William PDF (566 KB)
Jul-2015 Impact of Farm to School Programs on Students’ Consumption of Healthful Foods: An Empirical Analysis in Georgia Johnson, Simone; Berning, Joshua P.; Colson, Gregory J.; Smith, Travis A. PDF (565 KB)
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