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Discussions about Management of Scientific Research Projects in Agricultural Research Institutes: A Case Study of EPPI of CATAS

Integrated Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting and Tourist Commodities: A Case Study of Green Handmade Soap Development in Shandong Province

Study on the Personal Submission of Agricultural Product Samples for Quality and Safety Inspection

Rumen Degradability and Post-ruminal Digestion of Nitrogen and Amino acids by Cows Grazing Temperate Pasture

The Recommendations for the Development of China's LCA Based on the International Successful Experience

Study on the Operating Mechanism and Practice concerning Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assurance in the Chinese Agriculture-related Colleges and Universities

Study on Asynchronous MES Teaching Approach for Discipline of College Japanese in Characteristic Campus of Agriculture-related Universities

Analysis of Secondary Separation of China’s Rural Land Rights from the Perspective of Analytical Jurisprudence

Rural Land Development and Use and Integrated Land Consolidation in Tongjiang County

An Analysis of Current Situation of Industrial Land Use in Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone





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