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Bioenergy, Food Security and Poverty Reduction: Mitigating tradeoffs and promoting synergies along the Water- Energy-Food Security Nexus

Factors Affecting Producer Participation in State-sponsored Marketing Programs: The Case of Fruit and Vegetable Growers in Tennessee

Family-forest Owners’ Willingness to Harvest Sawlogs and Woody Biomass: The Effect of Price on Social Availability

Overheating Willingness to Pay: Who Gets Warm Glow and What It Means for Valuation

Employer learning and statistical discrimination: a comparison of hispanic and white males

2014 Outlook of the U.S. and World Wheat Industries, 2014-2023

2014 Outlook of the U.S. and World Corn and Soybean Industries, 2013-2023

Additionality in U.S. Agricultural Conservation and Regulatory Offset Programs

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