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نحو تطوير النظام التسويقي للحيوانات الحية والمنتجات الحيوانية والسمكية في جمهورية مصر العربية.

Using Previously Reported Cropland Acreage in Data Collection

Poisson Sampling, Regression Estimation, and the Delete-a-Group Jackknife

Supplemental Samples for the 2007 Area Frame: A Design for Estimating Numbers of NML Farms for the 2007 Census of Agriculture

A New Look into Portable Electronic Devices for Field Data Collection in the National Agricultural Statistics Service

Revising the Estimation Strategy for the Pesticide Data Program

Using Personal Digital Assistants for the 2004 Cotton Objective Yield Survey

Modeling NML Using the Area Frame Survey

A Comparison of the Long and Short Forms Used in the 2005 Census Content Test

Does Using a Personalized Pre-Survey Letter Improve the Response Rate for the June Agricultural Survey in Louisiana?





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