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The Capitalized Value of Rainwater Tanks in the Property Market of Perth, Australia

Productive and safe use of urban organic wastes and wastewater in urban food production systems in low-income counties

Analysis of farm-to-retail maize marketing margins in Zambia

Identification of consumer segments and market potentials for organic products in Nigeria: A Hybrid Latent Class approach

The potential economic impact of guinea-race sorghum hybrids in Mali: Comparing research paradigms

Cities and Agricultural Transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia

Impacts of improved sorghum varieties on farm families in Mali: A Multivalued Treatment Effects approach

Farmers’ preference for bundled input-output markets and implications for adapted dairy hubs in Tanzania – a choice experiment

Economywide impacts of promising agricultural technologies on food security and welfare in Kenya

Excise tax changes and their impact on Gadam sorghum demand in Kenya





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