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Gender and Dynamics of Technology Adoption: Evidence from Uganda

The Market for Giant Clams as Aquarium Specimens in Sydney and Melbourne: Results of a Telephone Survey of Retail Outlets

Economic Returns from Farming Different types of Seaweed (Eucheuma) and for Farms of Different Sizes in Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

A Report on the Test Marketing of Giant Clams as Aquarium Specimens in Brisbane, Australia

Socio-economic Aspects of Giant Clams in the Lau Group, Fiji and Farming Prospects: Results of Field Research

Economics of Ocean Culture of Giant Clams: Internal Rate of Return Analysis for Tridacna gigas

Giant Clams in Tuvalu: Prospects for Development

Subsistence Economic Activities and Prospects for Clam Farming in Ono-i-Lau, Fiji: Socio-economic Factors

ACIAR-Supported Research on the Culture of Giant Clams (Tridacnae): A Multi-Faceted Economic Assessment of Research Benefits (Draft Appraisal)

Customary Marine Tenure in the South Pacific Region and Implications for Giant Clam Mariculture





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