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The Impact of Dynamic Profit Maximization on Biodiversity: A Network DEA Application to UK Cereal Farms.

Economic Viability of Beef Cattle Grazing Systems under Prolonged Drought

In-field Spatial Variability and Profitability of Precision Nitrogen Application On Corn in Buchanan County, Iowa

Adaptation to Climate Change through Crop Choice: A High Resolution Analysis

Financial Intermediation and Poverty Trap Dynamics over the Life Cycle

Food Assistance and Labor Force Outcomes of Childless Adults: Evidence from the CPS

Estimating the Role of Technology in Converting to Organic Dairy Production

Do picture labels give better idea to customers? A comparison of picture labels to traditional text describe labels in choice experiments

The Biomass Crop Assistance Program: Critical, Notional, or Distortional Support for Cellulosic Biofuels?

Do Firms “Misrepresent” Nutrients Based on Label Rounding Rules?





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