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Role of Ethanol Plants in Dakotas’ Land Use Change: Analysis Using Remotely Sensed Data

Minnesota Applied Economist 726, Summer 2015

Industrial agriculture and community outcomes: A preliminary study of Goldschmidt’s hypothesis in rural Canada

Information Networks and Their Role in Threshold Public Goods Games: An Experimental Study

Combination of Equilibrium Models and Hybrid Life Cycle–Input-Output Analysis to Predict the Environmental Impacts of Energy Policy Scenarios

Going Green for Esteem: An Extended Uzawa-Lucas Model with Status Driven Environmentalism

Interest of Asian Restaurants in Queensland in Using Giant Clam Meat in their Cuisine and their Knowledge of it

Current and Potential Markets for Giant Clam Meat in Fiji - A Case Study of the Market in Suva

Giant Clams in Wallis: Prospects for Development

Institutional Factors and Giant Clam Culture and Conservation in the South Pacific: Observations from Fiji, Tonga and Western Samoa





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