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Supply Response in Rainfed Agriculture of Odisha, Eastern India: A Vector Error Correction Approach

Designing Regulatory Policies for Complex Externalities: The Case of Agricultural Pollution

Production and Off-Farm Employment Decisions of Greek and Hungarian Farmers in the Light of the Last CAP Refrom

Quality Perception of PDO extra-virgin Olive Oil: Which attributes most influence Italian consumers?

Investigating the Price Transmission Mechanism of the Greek Fresh Tomato Market with a Markov Switching Vector Error Correction model

Efficiency and Productivity Change in the Greek Dairy Industry

Analysis of pesticide application and applicator’s training level in greenhouse farms in Galicia, Spain

Segmenting Albanian consumers according to olive oil quality perception and purchasing habits

A tool for uniform classification and analyses of budgetary support to agriculture for the EU accession countries

An econometric analysis of determinants of climate change attitudes and behaviour in Greece and Great Britain





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