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Inequality and Wealth Creation in Ancient History: Malthus' Theory Reconsidered

Theories about the Commencement of Agriculture in Prehistoric Societies: A Critical Evaluation

A Study on Antibacterial Activity and Chemical Composition of the Petroleum Ether Extract from Aspergillusniger Mycelia

On the Relationship between Duration of Vegetative Growth Stage of Wheat and the Average Daily Temperature

The Design and Implementation of Black Tea Traceability System Based on UHF RFID

Innovation of Supervision System for Quality and Safety of Edible Agricultural Products

Comparative Study of Carbon Storage and Allocation Characteristics of Mature Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest

Composition, Property Characterization and Application of Agricultural and Forest Biomass Carbon

The Survey of Ermia mangshanensis Resource in South China Tiger Nature Reserve

Optimum Density and Space Structure of Kyrgyzstan’s Juniper Stands for Identifying Water Protective Properties





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