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Uzbekistan's Agriculture- Status Quo, Challenges and Policy Suggestions

The Aral Sea Desiccation: Socio-Economic Effects In Case of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

Policy-Induced Distortions to Farmer Incentives and Their Impact on Agricultural Land Use in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Impact of WTO Accession Growth on Agricultural Sector of Tajikistan

Environmentally Induced Migration and Displacement in Kazakhstan

Causes and Impact of Migration on Economic Development of Kyrgyzstan

The Analysis of Land Cover Changes in Mountain Region Using Remote Sensing Data

Społeczny charakter drobnych gospodarstw rolnych

Ceny nawozów mineralnych w krajach Europy Środkowej w latach 2007-2013

Dochody gospodarstw domowych emerytów w krajach UE





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