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Comparing Consumer's WIllingness to Pay for Conventional, Non-Certified Organic and Organic Milk from Small and Large Farms

The Impact of Neighborhood Income on the Cost of Energy-Dense and Nutrient-Dense Foods in Supermarkets

A Multi-Store Auction to Measure Willingness-to-Pay for Organic and Lcoal Blueberries

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of College Students: What is the Role of Food Culture?

Are Grocery Shoppers of Households with Weight-Concerned Members Willing to Pay More for Nutrtional Information on Food?

Risk Perception and Trust Interaction in Response to Food Safety Events across Products and the Implications for Agribusiness Firms

What Factors Do Retailers Value When Purchasing Fruits? Perceptions of Produce Industry Professionals

An Economic Valuation on the External Cost of Alternative Milk Packaging

Identifying Market Preferences for High Selenium Beef





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